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All known by the startup India and it is the slogan of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. By the help through Startup India, a small scale company and the individual can start the own business which funding by startup India. The startup companies have offered the new services and products and that product has not available in the market. Startup India is such a great platform for the all who want to start something new and who have the innovative, though.

Now we can see various husbands and wife is work as a business partner’s also and now they got the help through Startup India. In this world, people has always worried about the job and business and they want to start their own but due to the money they will not getting the step ahead but now startup India has to do it very easy. In the below list we will see the successful startup in India managed by husband and wife. Actually when our life partner is with us in our business definitely business will grow up and the situation will handle easily.

There are some best successful startups in India managed by husband and wife:

  1. Rohan and Swati Bhargav

The sweet love story is behind of the couple Rohan and Swati and they met together in London School. London school is a business school and they got married in 2009. Rohan was working in repudiated MNC in the United Kingdom and Swati was working in the famous firm Goldman Sachs. But after working for few years they think to start they own business and they get help from Startup India and startup the e-commerce portal which name is Cashkaro.

  1. Anand and Mahek

Anand and Mahek are very famous because of Wedmegood and that couple met by them internship of GlaxoSmithKline in 2008. And after few years they got married and they decided to start them own business in 2014 with the name of Wedmegood. Wedmegood is a wedding portal and that will guide and help you during the wedding and Startup India helps them to do that work.

  1. Abhinav and Radhika

Abhinav and Radhika have got married in 2011 and after the marriage, they spent some time in Switzerland. During the visit in the Switzerland, they analyze the Indian sweet is in demand there and they decide to open the Indian sweet online portal with the name Sweetsinbox. They got the help through startup India for launching them business.

  1. Atit Jain and Madhulika

Atit Jain and Madhulika has gone to first meet in 2012 and they were work in the Applied mobile labs. Madhulika and Atit are fond of different things like Atit likes movie and Madhulika like Food. And they are much closer to each other by the different fond movie and food. They decided to leave them the job and start them own in 2014 and they grow up to the Startup India. And found the Gigstart which is the combination of singers, entertainer, artist, dancers, entertainer together, comedians etc.

  1. Vivek and Shubhra

The oldest startup is Chumbak which has been started by the Vivek and Shubhra. Chumbak is very famous Bangalore-based products which are started in 2010. Well, Chumbak gives the offer products which is of extraordinary designed and that is personalized products and there you found the including apparel, key chains, bracelet, footwear, and souvenirs etc. A good thinker they are because they get a different idea and make the hybrid.

  1. Pranay and Tina

Everyone has to know about the Quikr which is founded by Pranay and Tina is the startup in a different business name is Waltzz. Both are choosing different field but they are the very successful couple and the startup India helps them in the business and them really a great people who has to choose differently and run them own business greatly. They are good and successful business owner in them own field and now all is known that personality.

  1. Mrigaen Kapadia and Nupur Kapadia

Mrigaen Kapadia and Nupur Kapadia has got married in 2008 and but he never proposed Nupur after that they date each other and getting romance.  They both worked in the Capgemini a good MNC. But after sometimes they think about them own business and they were getting step with startup India as to start Mobifolio. Mobifolio is a well known mobile phone app.

  1. Jyotveer and Gurshagun Chadha

Jyotveer and Gurshagun Chadha were studying together in British School in Delhi. In the last day of them, the school they exchange them mobile numbers and start talking. They got married in 2013 and in 2014 they think to startup India and they start them own business of artificial jewelry portal and that business will growth up and sounds good income. They are the great couple and successful couple in the business market.

  1. Aparna and Navin Bhargava

This couple has done the massive hit as a home décor exporting firm but they leave that and they are the lovely couple who start them own business. They start the business for handcrafted silver and fusion jewelry and that business has grown well. That startup India business name they choose Yaasna and the income is really awesome take by that business. They are the successful business couple now who face the failure but now achieve the success.

  1. Deep and Amrita Kalra

Deep and Amrita Kalra is the very sweet couple and they start the own business. Before Deep has continued the Make my trip and Amrita have chosen the career in film but after some time they decided to own them own firm. In 2014 they choose the startup India and start the Frangipani and now Amrita leads with this firm. Amrita is also a travel writer and collecting the handicraft accessories as well as furniture during her travels. She is just the amazing business women and she has the successful women in her business.

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