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Top 20 performance artists in the world

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There are many good performance artists in this world. Some have achieved the top spot because of their acting talent, and some have achieved because of their singing talent. People like them so much because they show their full effort, when they are performing on the stage or in movies. Today I am going to tell you about world’s top 20 performing artists, who have got name, fame and money because of their incredible talent. Thus, you will know that which is the best performance artist of the world and which performance artists have earned a spot in top 20.

1-   Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

This man has played various characters in TV shows and after that in movies. It is very unfortunate that Cory in not with us now, but in his 9 year’s career he has achieved huge fame and name. He was a Canadian actor, singer and also musician, who had played various different characters in Hollywood movies and also in television series. The most famous role of Cory was Finn Hudson in Glee television series for which people still remember him. On July 13, 2013 he found died in Vancouver hotel’s room and the reason was killing combination of heroin and alcohol.

2-   Amanda Bynes

2Amanda Bynes

She is an American actress, and she is working since late years of 1990s and starting the year of 2000s. She has earned fame from her show All That the Amanda Show. She has started her film career from 2002 and got fame from movie What a Girl Wants, which was released in 2003. After that she has worked in many movies. During year 2012, Amanda has said that she is retiring from her movie career. During her whole acting career, Amanda has made huge fans in all over the world and today she is in top 20 performance artists in the world.


3-   James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini

He was a great performer and a great American actor, who was born in 18th Sept, 1961. He has achieved success in his career while he has come out in the theater as an American mafia don “Tony soprano” in The sopranos. Only because of this HBO television series, this actor has got three Emmy awards and in addition, he has also got Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globes Awards. After a successful career, Gandosfini was died on 19th June 2013 in Rome. He has made a remarkable appearance on the silver screen and people remember him as a great actor and performer.

4-   Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

I think people still remember the handsome personality of Pacific Rim, who has attracted many people throughout the world. Charlie Hunnam has played the main role in that movie and before that movie he has registered his name as a versatile actor in Hollywood world. Charlie Hunnam is also a screenwriter, who has started his movie career in 1998 and till now he is active. By the way, people love this actor more for his TV series of his career’s starting. He has played Lloyed Haythe in Fox comedy series, which has become his remarkable appearance on the screen. The main regions of his interest are UK, USA, Canada, Australia and some other western countries, where he has the huge fan following as a good performance artist.

5-   Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

He is an American-Canadian actor, singer and writer and his parents are also from actors, whose names are Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring. This actor has got fame by taking chance of acting with some famous actors of the world. In addition to acting, thicke has also achieved success in his singing career. He has made some very famous albums like Usher’s Confessions and few others. Thicke has got his career’s best success in year 2013 for his great performance in the Blurred Lines.

6-   Lea Michele

Lea Michele

She is an American singer and actress. She has achieved fame because of her fox television serial Glee. In it, she has played a role of Rachel Berry. People have liked it so much, and she got better work chances after that show. She has got huge success in her acting and singing career as an actress and also as a singer. She got Golden Globe awards for her acting in the television show of 2010 and 2011. Lea Michele mainly works in America and South America. She also has fans from Australia, where she has earned huge name and fame.

7-   Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

She is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of America’s country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. In starting age of her career, she has played some small roles in television shows while she was a kid. She has started her singing career from her album Meet Miley Cyrus and then she has got a huge response for her sung songs. Today she is very famous in America, Canada and some other western countries of the world. Miley has got her name in best performance artists of the world because of her talent and her dedication to the work.

8-   Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready

American people very well know to this amazing country singer. Mindy was born on November 30, 1975, and she was died on 17th Feb 2013. She started her singing career in 1995, and she had got huge fans for her songs. Just on her debut album thousands of angels were released. After that she has worked in many famous albums. Her last famous album was I am still here. She was found dead on 17th Feb 2013, but till now people remember this charming country singer for her wonderful songs.

9-   Daft Punk

Daft Punk

It is a French music duo, which is operated by Manuel de Homen and Thomas Bangalter. It has got huge popularity in ending years of 90s, and it has got plenty of fans from France. After that, they have earned huge success for their music because of their unique thinking and way of representing their music.

10-   Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

She is an American actress and model, who has worked in many famous movies. Do you remember that famous movie of year 2010, which has represented the making of Facebook. Yes, I am talking about “Social Networks” and Dakota has played a remarkable role in that movie. She had done her first movie in year 1999 “Crazy in Alabama” with her real mother and after that movie she has got a chance of working in many famous movies. Today this actress has a huge fan base that’s why she is in top 20 performance artists of the world.

11-   Daevid Allen

Daevid Allen

This man is working from a very long time and still people remember, listen and enjoy his music. Daevid Allen was born on January 13th, 1938 in Melbourne. He is a great poet, guitarist and singer. He has also composed many songs, and today people know him as a great performance artist. He is also the co-founder of psychedelic rock groups and during 1960s he was very popular among people.

12-   Genesis P-Orridge

Genesis P-Orridge

She was a great songwriter, musician, poet and a great singer of Manchester United. She is also known as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. She has got huge fame in 60s and 70s and as a music director she has worked after 1975. Her last appearance on TV was in Psychic band in which she has entertained people between 1981 to 1999. Genesis P-Orridge has got fame because of her composed music and written songs, which are still famous among people.

13-    Andrew Logan

Andrew Logan

He is an English sculptor and reserved his spot in the best performance artists in the world. He is very well known for his portraits and paintings. Andrew Logan was born in Witney in England and learned as architecture in Oxford architecture school. He has given a new life to London’s fashion and. Along with creating eye-catching paintings; he has also worked for movies in which he has offered his services for artistic sets of the movies.

14-   Bill Irwin

Bill Irwin

It is a great American comedian, actor and clown, who has entertained people with his creative acts. In America, this man is very famous for his act of vaudeville stage performances. In addition to stage shows, this man has also shown some remarkable acts in movies like Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf on Broadway. Bill is also a popular actor among children because of his character of Mr. Noodle. He has done many remarkable stage performances and movies that’s why he is among the best performance artists in the world.

15-   Bob Ostertag

Bob Ostertag

This person is very famous for his experimental music. He was born in New Mexico and got huge fame in American countries. Bob has become popular in Colorado, started his career with Jim Katzin. At that time, he has played keyboard, and his music was released in 1979. Since 1976 to this age Bob has made some unique songs, and his music is still very famous among people. Bob has also worked as a professor, but his main achieving has come from his music.

16-   David Mura

David Mura

David Mura was born on 1952 and started his career as a Japanese-American author. His written novels are very famous among people, and he has also shown his interest in writing plays. He has earned a spot in best performance artists of the world because of his written poems. Recently David has released his novel based Famous Suicides of the Japanese Empire. The name of the novel is Coffee house Press. David is also honored many times for his great novels, which are so much liked by people. In America, people love to read poems written by David, and that’s why he is very famous among Japanese and American regions.

17-   Joey Arias

Joey Arias

He is a New York City based cabaret singer, born in North Carolina. Well, almost people in America know that Arias is a gay, but has still earned success in his career. During 1980s, he has got huge fame for his art scenes. People have gone in clubs to see his performance. He has mainly worked for club 57 and along with that some other downtown venues. During 1990s, he has also worked in some famous songs of Lady Day. It was a show strange fruit, which has made Arias very popular among people. From that time, still people love to see performances of Joey Arias.

18-   John Giorno

John Giorno

He is a great American poet, who has established not-for-profit Production Company. The main success in John’s career came with Andy Warhol’s film sleep. Along with this creative works, John has also worked in social ways. He has become a prominent fundraiser for AIDS in America and helped sick people for their wellness. For all of these works, John has earned huge response from people and because of his poetry; john is among the best performance artists of the world.

19-   Jyl Lynn Felman

Jyl Lynn Felman

She is a famous writer, play writer and author, who work worldwide for his incredible books. Nowadays she is working as a professor in Suffolk University. Along with teaching and writing, Jyl runs the writer’s workshop in which she teaches that how to write on a specific subject. The spots of her interest are USA and some other European countries. People loved her books and written content because she has good hands on every subject she has written. Her written various plays are famous among people.

20-   Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Jessica smith has got her fame in the reality show survivor cook and then she has become a popular personality of USA. She is also a designer and a great performance artist. In her performances, she often performs acts related to fire. To bring perfection in her performances, Jessica has prepared her acts in Burning Man Festival. And since last 8 years she is frequently performing on stage. She is a talented designer and a wonderful performance artist of her unique fire performances.

So these are the top 20 performance artists in the world, who have got their position because of their hard work and talent.

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