How to make chicken tikka at home? Explain the whole process

Chicken tikka, which is also called chicken chunks, is a famous chicken dish, especially in India and its neighborhood countries. This dish is very tasty and available in almost restaurants. If you want to eat something different in your dinner, then order the chicken tikka. The restaurants serve it in very special style. Even you don’t need to wait for long time after your order. By the way it is a chicken dish to which you can easily try at home. The ingredients needed to prepare it are very easy to find in local shops. Even the recipe is also very simple to follow. So let’s know that how to make chicken tikka:

Ingredients needed for preparing Chicken tikka at home are:

  • One cup fresh yoghurt.
  • One cup finely chopped fresh coriander leaves.
  • Two tbsp ginger paste.
  • Three tbsp garlic paste.
  • Very little amount of garam masala.
  • Six peppercorns.
  • Three tbsp lime/ lemon juice.
  •  Half tsp orange food coloring.
  • One kg chicken (breast or thigh) skinless and cut into 2″ chunks.
  • One large onion cut into fine slices.

Collect all these ingredients and get ready to start cooking in the kitchen.

Process of making Chicken tikka at home is:

  • Take sliced coriander leaves in a grinding pane and grind it along with remaining immerse vegetables to form a paste.
  • Now transfer the grinded blend into a large pan and then insert the yoghurt in it.
  • Mix the solution with the help of a ladle.
  • Now insert the chicken chunks in it and mix whole solution on the chicken pieces.
  • Get the whole mix and put it in freezer to get marinade for whole night.
  • At next day thread the chunks over the skewers and put them aside in a plate.
  • Now start your oven and take whole threaded chunks in it.
  • Leave it for ten minutes.
  • Take the threaded chicken chunks out of the oven and then serve it with some onion slices.

Thus your chicken tikka is ready to eat. For sure you will not face any kind of difficulty in following this recipe and you will make a tasty chicken tikka dish. In restaurants, people charge quite big amount for this dish, but at home you can easily prepare the chicken tikka and eat it with chili sauce or other things.

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