10 First Aid Steps You Should Take in Case of a Heart Attack

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Heart Attack is very serious diseases because in the few second human can die and pain is unbreakable during this situation. The heart attack is because of when the blood clots are blocking blood flow and in this situation, tissue loses the oxygen and the situation will occur as die. That is a very series problem and time will very low so we need to protect through this health issue and taking some precaution as well follow those steps first when you got the situation of attack and do it for the others also. There are some steps which you should follow in case of the Heart Attack so maybe you can save the one or many life from that situation. India is now the main target of these diseases as compared to eastern countries.

This disease is mainly famous for the old age people and sometimes we have got the bad diet habits and not even doing the exercise and taking the heavy food and that’s because the problem of heart attack will occur. So because to prevent our health through it, we need to follow the yoga and regular doing exercise in the morning and taking the light diet in evening and low oil diet also should be followed. If we can change our liabilities of life surely we can prevent you from the heart attack. In below some steps which you should follow when you trap in case of the heart attack and applying it with others too.

  1. Taking the Long Breath

This is the first step when anyone got the feeling like attack and take the long breath continue and after few time patients feel relief. And take the natural hair and open the window and place from whereas you got the air. This is the one and most important part and prevents you by the critical situation so just take the long breath if is it possible and break the unbreakable situation.

  1. Do Omit

When anyone faces the heart attack problem so that time they feel like omit but they don’t know what they do in this situation. So if anyone got this situation then the patient need to do omit to turn the body to one side because through it, omit not be snow in inside the lungs. So that is also taking you first in case of the heart attack. Just do it when anyone got the attack.

  1. Check the Blood Pressure

That is very important in a case of the heart attack and you need to check the pulse rate is it 60-70 or low through it as well as high by it. If blood pressure constantly decreases that means the patient is in the critical situation and need to protect them as soon as possible. Because in this situation time is very particular and situation may occur as for die. Just really take care of it when you got the sensation about heart attack.

  1. If Pulse Rate is Down

When the pulse rate is very down so that time you need to lay out the patient as like his foot is sloppily up and head is sloppily down, that is because the blood flow is supplying through the foot to heart and patient feel the relax. Its good as the process when anyone can get the sensation of heart attack and do this process for relaxing the problem of the heart attack. Anyone can separately do this.

  1. Do Not Give Anything for Eating to Patient

This is much important to know if anyone got the heart so that time no need to take anything for eating because that will make the situation more critical so just take care of eating due to the attack. Never give anything for eating to the patient due to the heart attack always remembers it.

  1. Give the Aspirin or Disprin to Patient

Aspirin is able to stop the blood clots so due to the heart attack just take or give the Aspirin or Disprin to the patient. But sometimes the situation will be getting critical after taking the Aspirin or Disprin so about it just contact with the doctor and after that will give the Aspirin or Disprin to a patient.

  1. When Pulse rate is high

If pulse rate will going to very low so in that situation patient need the pressure on his chest. So do this with the patient and if you are the patient say that to anyone who is available in surrounding you to give the pressure on your chest. Because of it, you take relief and prevent through the heart attack instantly.

  1. Straight Lay

If anyone got the attack then you need to lay very straight and because of it blood circulation will be right and for the few times by heart attack make the prevented. So that is one of the more techniques through which prevent the attack and circulation of blood will go in the right way.

  1. Stay Calm

It’s very tough in the situation of a heart attack but it needs to do for protecting the life because if you feel calm you may fight with the death otherwise you may die. So just take it easy and stay calm and feel relax with a deep breath and remember this is very required if you want to protect you from the heart attack. Just try it you really got the positive result and able to fight with the heart attack.

  1. Take Nitroglycerin

Nitroglycerin is able to protect from the chest pain and also good for the time of heart attack so always take the Nitroglycerin with you and if you feel like heart attack symptoms then take it fast. And it is able to give relief to you in the few times. It’s really good enough for few times and protects you with the unwanted heart attack.

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