Mythical Horses in the World

Top 10 Mythical Horses in the World

Mythical Horses is an important part of the past and an ancient period. In ancient time, Horses has played a main as well as the central role in the mankind’s legends, cultures, and myths. So because of all those culture and Myths that horses called via the name of Mythical Horses. That horse was used as for the burden on the firms as well as the weapons on the battlefield. There was no domestically animal which had been vital but the horses take the place which is very important there and made the central position in the history.


Well in the below section the most important focusing point is magical top most Mythical Horses in the world. Horses are always important still and that show the royalty stuff ever and that’s because in from the past time we all are respecting the horses and that’s because they are still famous with the Mythical Horses. We can say it’s the imaginary part of history but still important because inside the many famous volumes this kind of horses are taking the vital position and people always excited to know about it. So for more information read the below section.

Top 10 Mythical Horses in the World:

  1. Chollima – East Asian Mythology

Chollima is very famous East Asian cultures which literally translate to a thousand-Li horse. The “Li” is well known traditional Chinese unit about of distance and in the antiquity where various thousands “Li” has been equal to 400 km. This is also a very famous Mythical Horses in the world and Chollima had firstly originated on the 3rd century BCE on the alongside Bole. There the economic symbol of the progress which has been developed by the North Korean government.

  1. Tulpar – Ancient Turkey

Tulpar is also a very famous part of the Mythical Horses and Tulpar is used a term for the Inner Asian Turkic languages which have been referring to the winged horses. Tulpar had invented the first fiddle and has got famed because of its wings. It’s a symbolic combination of a horse as well as a bird of the prey and both of the tools has been used for the inhabitants of Central Asia for hunting.

  1. Mares of Diomedes – Ancient Greece

There four Mares of Diomedes has called by the name of Podagros, Lampon, Xanthos, and Deimos and they were crazed, man-eating horses and they had been owned by the giant Diomedes. They are also famous by the name of Mythical Horses in the world. And them the strength of diet made them the equal parts of the insane and ruthless in battle. In the additional figure out in the classical Greek mythology.

  1. Kanthaka – Buddhist Mythology

Its a describe being with eighteen cubits in length and its at the nape of his neck and has been proportionate height and its kind of the white all over like a clean chank shell. And its has been according to the ancient folklore and the Kanthaka was a likable horse of Siddh and also an important part of the top most Mythical Horses in the world. According to the various myths, Kanthaka was born again as the scholar.

  1. Widow-Maker/Lightning – American Mythology

This is not the technically under the list of Mythical Horses but it was owned by the Widow-Maker knew by the name of Lightning. It’s situated as the cartoon character and called it fakeloric horse and this is a horse of Pecos Bill who is a famed legendary cowboy which is from of the days of American Old West. It said like the only Pecos Bill can ride this horse and no one else.

  1. Four Horses of the Apocalypse – Christian Mythology

Wow! Its pose very wonderful and it’s like a military kind of symbol which Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, the Four Horses of the Apocalypse and that are mentioned in the book in Christian and intention has the fold in Book of Revelation. Here being harbingers of the about final Judgment during the apocalypse etc. This military is very famous part of the Mythical Horses and it’s really the very solid power symbol which is for events during the first century of the Christian history.

  1. Al-Bur?q – Islamic

This is according to the Islamic tradition and famous inside the list of Mythical Horses. Well, this is steed of responsible for the transporting prophets. Well, the word Al-Bur?q has come from the Arabic word and it means lightning. And the story has been found in the Quran where it has carried the prophet Muhammad and it has accomplished by angel Jibril and from Mecca to Jerusalem. It up has to heaven who converse the Allah during the “Night Journey.” And its Magical kind of Myths and truth.

  1. Uchchaihshravas – Hindu Mythology

A famous Hinduism Mythical Horses and has the mouthful and Uchchaihshravas has seven headed which flying horse. This horse has served as the mount which is for the Hindu god-king of heaven name is Indra. According to another story, Bali is the king of demons. Uchchaihshravas was born alongside other mythical objects and it’s a surprising myth in Hinduism community.

  1. Sleipnir – Norse Mythology

Sleipnir is very kind of the creature and situated inside the Mythical Horses in the world. This serves as the steed of Odin and has an eight-legged horse which is borne of Loki that is very much powerful their none could have slow him down. Sleipnir has various quality like was capable of traveling to Hel and the time of when Hermod rode him down.

  1. Pegasus – Ancient Greece

This Mythical Horses is very famous and commonly known as the name of Pegasus and has the white wings stallion sired and by the Poseidon. Its very famous who first come in the mind and because of the first helping from the side of Greek hero Bellerophon has defeated the Chimera, Zeus transformed. Pegasus is very famed instantly recognizable mythical creatures around the world and also appearing in the countless paintings, poems, songs, books, and films.

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