Liu Wen and Siwon Love Scene is in Real Life?

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Liu Wen and Siwon Love Scene is in Real Life?

Liu Wen is very famous and beautiful Chinese fashion model and Liu Wen is a first model of East Asian descent to walk of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Many times Liu Wen was deny about the love and thing about the boyfriend, in fact, she told don’t have a boyfriend but now each and everything is decaying wrong. On the very famous Chinese dating show, We Are In Love so on that show  Siwon and model Liu Wen is the hottest couple ever. They had a great chemistry together on the show as well in real life also so the point is also reflected is they are really dating each other or just on the show.


liu wen
liu wen

In a one of the recording, Liu asked like “Are you and Siwon in a relationship?” That’s not enough, in fact, Liu Wen avoided to give the direct answer and she replies like “He asks me if I’ve eaten, and if I haven’t he offers to buy me food.” That, all the same, word which Liu Wen was told. Few of the Chinese netizens took the answer in a Yes word and things here how the dating rumor has been spread. But from the many news they are looks as a couple and in many functions they were together. All the avidence is around their relationship and love. Well if they are a couple so Liu Wen and Siwon is being the hottest couple every because both are looks very hot and like made for each other.

Instead, Liu Wen and Siwon is also appearing in show We Got Married entitled We Are In Love as a virtual couple and they are looking amazing on their and look like they are rally husband and wife. Everyone is always want to see them as a real couple and many of having the doubt is they really together. On the trip of the show Liu Wen and Siwon guam with the romance series and they’re they are kissing each other. The actual thing on the story is Liu Wen and Siwon is swung the ring in each other;s finger and inside of the sun set background and after that they kissed each other. That was very amazing part of the show which each of the fans of Liu Wen and Siwon want them together in real life but lets see is it really being or not.

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