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To live a happy marriage life is a dream of every married couple. For this it is important to maintain love in the relationship and never cheat with each other. A happy married life runs over two wheels, one is husband and another one is wife. If anyone of these two is not bearing the weight finely, then second person needs to balance otherwise the vehicle of relation falls down. By the way often people are unaware of facts that include bulk of love in a relationship that’s why they get far from each other. The holy Bible has suggested some ways of maintaining a married relationship in good way. Here we are going to show you top 10 happy marriage tips from bible:


  • Never both be angry at the same time:

To be angry is the nature of humans. There may come some moments in your life, when you will dislike the habits of your partner. You can argue with him/her and that argument can convert into the big fight and the big fight into divorce. If you don’t suffer with the pain of divorce, then simply apply a formula. When your partner is angry on you, just be calm and your partner should be calm, when you are angry. Thus there will not be any big argument or fight and your relationship will remain loving and strong.

  • Never shout talk slowly:

You can consider it as another best way of avoiding fight. As I mentioned above, there may be argument between two partners on little things, but both person should talk slowly in calm way. If any person will shout, then other one will also shout. The house will be on fire and it is not good for a happy married life.

  • Criticize lovingly:

To accept each and every habit of each other is too difficult for two different people, while one is male and another one is female. There may come some situations in which you and your partner may criticize on each other. This is common and it happens with each couple, but the best way to do is, do it in loving way. Don’t let feel your partner that you don’t care about his/her feeling. It will work against your relation. Do everything in loving way.

  • Don’t joke with feeling of your partner:

Suppose if you had an argument and you won it, and then don’t joke on failure of your partner. You both are a married couple and you should be part of each other so that if one will break, another will handle him. Try jokes, but only for making smile on your partner’s face not to hurt him/her.

  • Don’t repeat mistakes of the past:

Every person creates some mistakes in past, which often changes the life. We should learn lessen from such mistakes and never repeat them in future, especially in married life. Whether the mistake is small or big, if it matters to your partner, then don’t commit it. This can become a big reason of fight and argument, so be safe from it.

  • Neglect everything rather than each other:

What can be the best way of improving love in a relationship? Answer is simple and it is spending lots of time with each other. Whatever important work you have, just neglect it, if your partner needs you. Remember if you will behave like a dedicated partner, then your partner will also love you more than you. That’s why everything should be neglect instead of being with each other.

  • First settle the argument than sleep:

Arguments are common, but you should not leave it unsettled. If any kind of misunderstanding happened between you and your partner, then first clear each and everything. Sit together and discuss each thing clearly without lying. I’m sure things will be better and then you both will feel better for each other. Otherwise things will be worst in the next day. Often unsettled arguments hurts like a pain and it forces you for the big fight. Don’t take risk of hating each other for a while too. Just settle everything and then live happily.

  • Complement each other:

Yes in this age everyone is busy and sometime you don’t have time to talk too, but you should not forget to know the situation of each other. Once in a day talk at least for five minutes, if you are quite busy in your work. Appreciate each other’s job and complement each other. This will surely work as the tonic of love for your relationship and how far you are, your love will remain constant.

  • Admit your mistakes and say sorry:

Off-course you may commit little or big mistakes in your loving relationship. Probably it may hurt to your partner, but you should admit it in front of your partner. May be he or she will be hurt at the moment, but there will be a hope of forgiveness. But, if your partner will know about your mistake from any other source or person, then you won’t be able to say sorry. Your relationship may fall deep in the earth. So, don’t let come such situation and accept your guilt.

  • Believe on each other:

In fights, it often happens that you lose your trust on your partner. This situation comes because your partner argues with you so much, but don’t lose your trust. There are many reasons of being frustrated. Especially in this age we have a lot of things to get tension, but try to understand what

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