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You have often seen the logo of a giant, who is holding the world on his shoulders. According to old Greek tales, his name was atlas and he was one among group of titans. As old tales say that Atlas’s father was Iapetus and his mother was an ocean fairy “Clymene”. Once in a war with Lord Zeus and other gods, titans were defeated. God Zeus and other gods were won the war chastised Atlas to hold world on his shoulders. Some people say that atlas was punished to hold sky up on his shoulders. From that time, when the first map of the world was designed, the logo of atlas was printed on it. From that time world map is being called world atlas map.


Invention of world’s first atlas map-

In ancient time in anno domini 100, there was an astronomer “Ptolemy”. This person was also a great geographer, who lived in ancient Egypt and created the original world atlas map. He has formed various different maps of the world in his book and whole archaeologists consider this map as the first world atlas map.  After 1400 years of this discovery a Flemish astronomer has developed the better form of atlas map. In his map whole continents of the world were visible in much better way.

Introduction of modern atlas map

Today’s world atlas map was not designed on the bases of old cartographer’s map; it was designed according to the exact positions of continents and sea in the world. In present age we have many useful tools to develop a fine map of the world. To ensure that the world atlas map is showing right position of your location, you can search it in satellite map of the internet. This is quite simple to do and the internet has made it easier for us.

If you will see a fine world atlas map, then you can see that every country and every continent is depicted in some certain area. It states that on world map too, continents and countries are divided according to their exact geographic positions. Since the logo of atlas was printed on the first map book of the world, people have started to say it atlas. Today you can also check your position on your computer with the help of online world atlas map. You can use this map as wallpaper of your desktop and you can also use it for showcase too.

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