How to extract gold from sim card

extract gold from sim card

So stranger things about Gold from SIM Cards and lots of question marks are surrounding it, is it true? Lots of people are confused and want to know about the process to get the Gold from SIM Cards. Well, understand all are very excited to know this thing about How to extract gold from sim card. Waooo, wait for the time will show you the following procedure about it and then you can also get the Gold from SIM Cards and never flush out the SIM cards. That are having the simple procedure which can easy to understand and easy to follow.

We all thinks about the SIM are dead means that have no value but you are getting the mistake here because SIM is containing the important material which is giving you the gold. Now the thing is how so don’t need to worry its quite simple. You need the few things during the time to get to recover the Gold from SIM Cards:

  • Mobile SIM
  • Gas Burners and Frying Pan
  • Paint Brush and Khalbatta
  • Weaker and Lid
  • Hand Gloves
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Nitric Acid
  • Stenosis Chloride
  • Ammonium Thiocyanate
  • Sodium Metabisulphite
  • Borax Powder

That all are very important things which are required in the recover the Gold from SIM Cards. Now the procedure we will follow:

  1. If you want to recover the Gold from SIM Cards then you need maximum to maximum SIM cards which make you lots of gold but it depends on the quantity of SIM. You may by rejected SIM card from the internet and online. Need to wear the gloves in hand first and put the SIM cards in frying pan. Just put the SIM card (60 gram) in the frying pan and heat it on high heat and whenever plastic of the SIM will separate as well as converted into the ash till then heat it on continuously. And then it will continue whenever heat is not converted in cold.
  1. Just blend the material in the thin chunks carefully, because this material will be used in the next process for making the Gold from SIM Cards.
  1. Through the brush, a whole material will keep in the weaker. This is also a one of the very important parts of the process of Gold from SIM Cards.
  1. The material will cover with the Weaker and Lid after mixing the Hydrochloric Acid. After that heated it in the slow temperature. This is also included in the process of making the Gold from SIM Cards.
  1. After heating mix the 1.5ML nitric acid in this material and mix whole material very carefully.
  1. After 30 minutes in this mixture mix the 1.5ML nitric acid and 75ML hydrochloric acid. And you can see the reaction instantly.
  1. Heats are now accelerated low to medium and heat the material for 1 hour and then mix the 1ML nitric acid in the material and you can again see the reaction on it.
  1. Now in the material mix with the 75 ML Hydrochloric Acid and 1.5ML nitric acid and mix this whole material greatly and after some time you get the yellow color in this material.
  1. After heating of 15 minutes check the Stenosis chloride test of liquid and for that, you may situate the paper in this liquid and material and after that apply the Stenosis on it.
  1. If you don’t found the golden color on it then need to heat it more and a process will continue to the Stenosis chloride test.
  1. Now again mix the 1.5ML nitric acid in the material and accelerate the heat slowly high from medium and after 30 minutes again mix the 1ML nitric acid in this mixture or material.
  1. Off the gas and wait until material will not be cold. You can also use for it ice cube for cold the material.
  1. Filter the material in another weaker and in putting the 2 drops of this material in the small quantity of Ammonium Thiocyanate. If this material sees as red then follow the next step.
  1. Now the filter material again heated on the low for 6-7 hours. Then this process liquid will remain as 100ML only.
  1. Now mix the 0.5ML Hydrochloric Acid in this particular material and after that dip the smallest paper chunk in the liquid material and applying the Stenosis chloride.
  1. Once again mix the 30ML Hydrochloric Acid in the material and heated it for 1 hour and after 1 hours wait until it will not cool.
  1. Now in this mixture put the Sodium Metabisulphite and via tablespoon mix it properly. Than filter the material on the paper.
  1. After it put this paper in the iron bowl and mixes the Borax Powder in this mixture. Than heated it on Burners flame until material will not finish.
  1. After finishing the martial you will get the 0.1 Gram chunk and that is the gold and put this in the cold water and finally, the process is work.

That is the very easy process to make the gold and all material you can easy to collect by the market as well as the labs. But there need to applying all the acid very carefully in the material during the process. Trying once and get the experience to make Gold from SIM Cards. Sometimes it looks like the fake process and people think it is not possible but this is nothing the fake process it’s totally true and anyone can make the Gold from SIM Cards. Sometimes people are going to do the process in the wrong manner and that’s because they don’t have the Gold from SIM Cards and said this process will not work. But that process will do very carefully and after that, you got Gold from SIM Cards and follow the steps. It’s really required to follow all steps for Gold from SIM Cards.

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