The Statement of FBI Director against to the Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Statement of FBI Director against to the Hillary Rodham Clinton

That is very recent news about the Hillary Rodham Clinton who is an American Politician and also a nominee for the President of the United States in the year of 2016 election. Against to the Hillary Rodham Clinton, an FBI director ‪James Comey gave the statement for using the personal E-mail system. That is now the very latest news and fights between the two most famous personality. But on Tuesday an FBI director ‪James Comey has recommended no criminal charges has against the Hillary Rodham Clinton due to handling her classified information due to the secretary of state when she was.

But that time a huge Political drama was occurred on the Washington where FBI Director Mr. James Comey had rebuked to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. That is about the statement against to Hillary Rodham Clinton where she got the charge to be “extremely careless” because she is using the personal E-mail system that the moment as well as using the private email system and server also that time. Also he raised the question which is about the judgment and contradicted statements there were she told about her email practices. Also said about the government norms which is gained access to her account and also is about the declared that a person which is still employed by the government. Well Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton has already left the state in 2013 which is because have to faced the disciplinary action.

During the warrant as a criminal charge there, Mr. ‪James Comey said about the Hillary Rodham Clinton like he has the evidence against to her and that is about the intentionally transmitted and is about the willfully mishandled classified information. Well, the Justice Department is always respected to the FBI guidelines because it is the highest law enforcement official. Due to the 15 minutes of 6the announcement through James Comey no advanced warning which is only three days which is after his investigators interviewed of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Each and everyone is on the TV for knowing what is the last report of the investigation and she is real could be the thrown like the presidential election in 2016 into disarray and also as changed history.

The time of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton was waiting for the backstage that is for a few blocks away and to address the National Education Association. She said in her aides like she don’t know what Mr. James Comey trying to say. That is very biggest rumor between the two high personalities and it’s on the front of the news. Well FBI is the very largest organization and very faithful part of the Law enforcement. There all investigation are in the truth and faith and lots of the matter is solved through it and due to media and news channels that whole matter is widely spread and capture. There they was show each and everything every clearly.

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