Divorce of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway with Ari Behn

Princess Märtha Louise

Well, all know about the Princess Märtha Louise who is a Princess of Norway and now she is in the news because she has to decide to separate with her husband Ari Behn after 14 years of them marriage. The beautiful Princess Märtha Louise is from Norway and she is only the daughter of his parents’ king Harald V and Queen Sonja. Now she announced her divorce and separate by her 14-year-old marriage. That is not the very quick decision in the fact that decision is very maturely got it through Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn.

According to this couple, they said we are always trying to be a couple but due to some reason out understanding of matched and that’s the reason we have to decide separate and we both respect with our decision. In fact, we have to try to, matching everything in a long time but our bad luck to be not matched. And this couple also share them three daughters together and daughters name is Maud Angelica, and Emma Tallulah and Leah Isadora and also have to confirm about to share those children share custody.  The queen and king also have to spoke about the split and also remain to good term to Ari Behn and it is such a very hard decision to be separate after a long time for Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn.

They also said about various marriage is dissolved and also it is very sad and painful and it’s very both said we are happy to separate with the own respect and we will always be a friend. Well, Princess Märtha Louise is fourth in line which is to be the Norwegian throne and they want to end this marriage. Princess Märtha Louise said about the own couple and grown apart of this relationship. This couple got married in 2002 and now they have three kids and they are very royal. And this royal household said about to share custody of their kids. Now just go for the personal information about Ari Behn and him born in 1972 and him born in Denmark. By Occupation he is an Author and he has written three very famous novels where two collections of on his wedding and there were two books and two stories. A very famous story is “Trist som faen” and this is a short story.

Due to one press releases, the thing is very clear where Princess Märtha Louise announced the divorce with Ari Behn and that is very shocking news for all. That was a long term marriage according to all but now this marriage is over and this couple want to be leave together. Well that’s them personal understanding and all the thing is depend on this couple hope everything will OK in future. The child also they share but because of them personal relationship them children also suffering few crises. But hope the life ahead well.

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