These Ways Can Help You Stay Safe from COVID-19 during Your Commute

Choose Commuting Solo

To avoid transmitting and getting infected with the coronavirus, the safest option is to commute alone. Avoid public transport as much as you can. You can choose to walk the distance till your office, use bikes or bicycles, or your personal car. 
When you use subways, busses, or carpools, you are getting in close proximity with other people and that could be highly dangerous. You never know if the stranger sitting beside is safe or not. They might be corona-positive but asymptomatic in nature. 

By commuting alone or with people you live with, you ensuring your personal safety and also of the person living with you.
Commuting solo, obviously, has its own drawbacks, the major one being its side-effects on the environment. It will increase carbon emission significantly and let’s not forget the heavy traffic. With so many vehicles on the road at once, the air pollution is bound to rise significantly. 

The other factor that raises concern is income. People belonging to the lower-income group may not find it feasible to travel solo. However, it was argued that people who can afford to commute solo will leave out more space in public transport for people who cannot. 

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