Beauty Tips That Will Change Every Girl’s Life

Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Try applying the concealer in a triangle shape to hide puffy eyes and dark circles. The base of the triangle should be along the eyelashes and the tip should be at the bottom of your cheek. This way, your face will look even-toned and bright.

Contour With Eye Brow Pencil

If you do not have a contour, please do not worry. Use a gel-based eyebrow pencil and contour the part of your face you want to. Apply the highlighter and everything like you normally do. You can even use a brown shade pencil lipstick as a contour.

Lipstick on Teeth

Lipstick remains on your teeth can be quite embarrassing. To not let that happen, follow the simple hack. After applying the lipstick, put a finger inside your mouth, close your mouth, and then remove the finger (treat it like a straw). This will remove the excess of lipstick.

Shave Legs with Hair Conditioner

If you don’t have shaving cream, use a hair conditioner instead. Apply it on your legs in a tick coating and then use the razor.

Almond Oil

Technically, it is not just almond oil but also coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, olive oil, and a lot more than can do wonders on your skin. However, out of the lot, almond and coconut are easily available. Almond oil can give you relief from acne and both, coconut and almond oil can work great as a makeup remover!

Long-Lasting Perfume

This works especially great during the summertime. Apply perfume right after your shower. The humidity will absorb the perfume better and it will stay longer.

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