Technology of E-Transaction

New Technology of E-Transaction without the use of Internet

Internet, the most famous technology and important technology of the world and different kind of the application are available in the market. Technology of E-Transaction without internet, we can’t imagine because now we all are dependent on the internet whereas the term of bill payment and social communication, online information gathering etc. all the things are included here. Now the 4G service is available here which is totally free, as well all known by the Jio SIM and network which gives the free internet and calling service till December 2016 and few plans are also across after December 2016 by it. So the internet is now easy to take and easy to use.

But if in case no one has the internet service and want to do the E-transaction so this is also an doing without internet there are some app are present which is working without the internet and using for the transaction. This is really amazing for the people who has no internet connection and not even have the internet in the mobile. This Technology of E-Transaction without internet has called by the name of Sound Web Technology.

About Sound Wave Technology:

This new Technology of E-Transaction without the use of the internet is called by the name of Sound Wave Technology and through this technology e-transaction is possible. This technology is working over the sound spectrum and through the help of this wave technology; we can connect two devices for the purpose of the transaction without the use of the internet. There we don’t need the any communication tools like NFC, this technology is developed by the Bengaluru Company Tone Tag and UltraCase. We all respected for those company who start that kind of the possible things in this internet hi-tech market.

Working Process of Sound Wave Technology:

  1. Sound Wave technology used the algorithm for encoding the data and it is transmitting for using of offline payments.
  2. Both transmitter and sender properly need to connect through the mobile as well as connected through the card reader.
  3. No need for any hardware in this process. When, encrypted sound is drawn from the vendor’s device that means transaction are started.
  4. Well, that sound is an analog signal which is continuous process. When, the vendor fills the amount of the bill in the device than simultaneously this number is converted to analog format.
  5. This sound-based technology is very easy to use by everyone. But for this, you may use the application on your mobile which is fitted on the sound based payments technology.
  6. If you want to pay any bill through this technology than you want to put your mobile with the related device.

This is very simple Technology of E-Transaction without the internet. In this internet world, we can’t imagine this kind of technology can work, but it is and this Technology of E-Transaction is work secure and in an easy manner. Everyone can use it easily.

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