my IP address

What is my IP address and what is its usage?

People, who daily use the internet on their system, they may know that an IP is the most important requirement of computer to connect it with the network. It supports you in undertake your system’s present on the network. If your network provider tries to verify your existence on the network, then he simply check your IP address and similar technique is applied, when you try to track your computer on the network. Indecently several times I have used the internet on my system, but still have no idea that what is my ip address? I know that my system’s logical appearance on the internet is ensured by ip address, that’s why I have tried to know what is my ip address and I have applied several easy technique to find it.

Basically IP address is basically a 32 bit number, which is described by designers of internet protocol. This is currently in use and many network providers are offering such IP address to detect their users. By the way as significant changes are occurred in the internet technology, so IP designers have also developed a 128 bit IP address that is also in use in many networks. If you will search for what is my IP address, then you may get it in 32 bits or you may also get it in 128 bits.

You must know that your system is fetched by the help of a unique address that works as your computer’s personal address of the LAN meeting. You can use your local network without permitting others to use your network. The IP address offers security to your system and it keep your system safe in your home network. While you look for what is my IP address, then you can find that is considered as a default IP address of every computer. This kind of IP address is frequently used in any private network of any company or firm.

The IP address is simply a network locater of your computer, which defines Id of your computer on the internet. Whenever you exchange information on your network, so it does not goes in the same form. It is divided in data pockets and these data pockets contain the IP address of both senders’ computer and also of receiver’s computer. The internet protocol address helps you in exchanging information with the right person on the next system. Without IP address your message will go to any uncertain computer without your permission. This information is very important to know, while you search for what is my IP address. It improves your knowledge about the network and also about using computer.

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