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Yogyakarta indonesia travel guide
Yogyakarta indonesia travel guide

yogyakarta indonesia travel guide

Yogyakarta indonesia travel guide

Yogyakarta is a special area in Indonesia that holds millions charm in culture, history and customs of the local population are thick. The city is located in the south of Java with area 3185.80 square kilometers, home to 3.4 million souls that are predominantly ethnic Javanese and Muslim. The tourism industry is one industry that helps boost the economy of Yogyakarta. Physiography conditions of the city are divided into four, namely, physiography units Merapi volcano, southern highlands, mountains Kulonprogo and physiography lowland.


Through the Yogyakarta travel guide, the visitor will find a lot of history and interesting places in the city of Yogyakarta or Gudeg City. With the proper guide, travelers will be informed in detail about the fascinating stories behind the historic buildings, traditions and customs that still preserved local residents. Yogyakarta resident hospitality benefits for tourists or business people while in Yogyakarta and ease of getting your proper location to find historic sights. Beaches, mountains and paddy are interesting things that can be traced and enjoy spectacular views of the city with a warm climate.


When you book hotels in Yogyakarta, will see the beauty and appeal of this city through the ornaments displayed at that characterizes the city of Yogyakarta. Malioboro could be the beginning of the exploration of current visitors in Yogyakarta saw passing by locals or tourists, as well as trading activity, day or night. The increased tourism industry brings convenience to the visitors search for and book hotels in Yogyakarta with the facilities and preferential prices. The Yogyakarta travel guide could take visitors to get comfortable, well-appointed and affordable.


According to the Yogyakarta travel Information, the primary language used locals Yogyakarta Indonesian language is a language other than Java that has been used for decades and became a social language. The Java language is preserved and continue to be used especially in events held in the palace of Yogyakarta. Headed by the Sultan of Yogyakarta has the privilege to regulate its own territory and has gained international recognition, both from the Japanese occupation, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. After independence, Sultan said joining the Republic of Indonesia and became the special region of Yogyakarta.


Places to stay in Yogyakarta


Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel


The hotel is located in the Laksda Adisucipto street, under the management of Santika Indonesia hotel provides 247 rooms with 3 room types namely, deluxe balcony with mountain views and deluxe VIP style combining modern and traditional architecture Yogyakarta can be seen from the interior of the hotel and ornaments. Royal Ambarrukmo providing comprehensive facilities that pamper visitors. Expanse of green grass and trees give the eye at its own convenience.


Novotel Yogyakarta Hotel


Visitors will be made to amaze when entering the hotel lobby luxurious and classy without leaving a characteristic atmosphere of Yogyakarta. The hotel is located in the Sudirman Street, 1km from the city center and 7km from the airport which provide 200 hotel rooms. Novotel Yogyakarta hotel spa pampering guests with a traditional spice blend that is already used by members of the royal palace long ago. Equipped with luxurious amenities and friendly staff makes visitors more comfortable and visit again.


Melia Purosani Hotel


Hotel Melia Purosani showing hospitality and the city of Yogyakarta so as to make visitors comfortable during your stay. Visitors will be greeted by staff dressed courtier palace of Jogjakarta were friendly and polite. Melia Purosani Hotel is located in the street Suryotomo by number of rooms 280, equipped with luxurious and classy. Visitors can walk along the 300 meters and found the street to see a variety of activities Malioboro locals and tourists.


Popular Things to do in Yogyakarta


Malioboro Street


Based Yogyakarta travel information Malioboro a Sanskrit word that means flower bouquet and became dazzling all visitors, both local and foreign tourists.Located in the city center and not far from the train station walk facilitate visitors arriving by train and look for the closest hotel to proper guidance. Entering Malioboro the street, visitors will be greeted with shrieks of car horns, the sound of Gamelan tapes to outcry traders souvenirs. Based travel information, wondrous Malioboro shopping center and the pulse trade since the role of the Chinese who make this road as a business channel.


Yogyakarta Palace


Yogyakarta Palace was built in 1756 AD Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I occupied as a king who ruled in 1755-1792. The museum palace of Yogyakarta is located in the palace area, and open for public every day except when there is an event palace. Yogyakarta travel guide provide facilities for visitors to tour the entire palace area and see a variety of historical objects that have significance for the development of the Yogyakarta palace.


Suroloyo Peak


With the proper guide, visitors will be invited to see the expanse of green grass and the amazing view from the top Suroloyo, which is the highest hill in the mountains notch. From the top Suroloyo, looks stunning landscapes and spectacular mountain views of six major shoots in Central Java. At the top, visitors can also see the Borobudur temple, which is located in Magelang and looks pretty clear.




Parangtritis is a tourist attraction with a fascinating history that is believed to be the embodiment of the unity of trinity consisting of Mount Merapi, Parangtritis, and Yogyakarta palace. Society believes that Parangtritis coast is part of the territory known as Queen of the South or Nyai Roro Kidul.According to Yogyakarta travel information, visitors are advised not to wear green clothes because it can lead to disaster. Parangtritis itself has a distinctive combination of a hill with rocks, sandstone and black that makes an interesting phenomenon, either landscape or supernatural tale.


Places to eat in Yogyakarta


Gudeg Yu Djum


Gudeg a typical Yogyakarta containing the treated young jackfruit, chicken, eggs, pumpkin, buffalo skin coupled with adding coconut delicacy. Gudeg Yu Djum is legendary Gudeg in Yogya is located on the Ground. With the proper guide, visitors can easily find the legendary Djum Gudeg Yu.






Brongkos vegetables are one of the dishes that are still preserved heritage and culinary kind familiar in Yogyakarta. Brongkos a favorite menu royal palace of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X made ​​with tofu, bean tolo combined with coconut milk and fresh meat broth. Travelers can find brongkos by visiting the Handayani restaurant on the square south.


Resto Bale Raos


Bale Raos is a favorite restaurant of the palace of the ancient nobility that provides the palace of the king’s favorite dishes Ngayogyokarto. Bale Raos restaurant located not far from the palace of Jogjakarta. Bale Raos have characterized Yogyakarta design includes all the existing furniture. With the proper guide, tourists can sample cuisine variants of the king and family.

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