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Worst Popes
Worst Popes

Worst Popes in History in the World

Top 10 Worst Popes in History in the World

On the earth, thousand years ago Christ walked and founded on the various influential religions in the world. Church has been going to the part of wonderful imaginary history where it has documented through the exceedingly diverse which has regarding of the story collection. In the Christianity the Popes is the envoy of God and around the world has seen 265 around the official popes and here we are taking some name of the Worst Popes. Around the world, many fathers have indeed shown themselves etc. About Worst Popes are in the below section we discuss.

In the Christianity various holy father has present to guide the child from the side of God as an emissary. For the live story about the Christ has truly informed via holy father and Popes and here some of the very famed names of Popes. Starline and illustrating the side of the human nature and life nad describe and spread the knowledge around the whole world during holy events. It’s necessary to know by all the human who follows the Christianity and believe on the God Christ. The real thing is still present in the world as the lineament.

Top 10 Worst Popes in History in the World:

  1. Pope Boniface VIII (c. 1235 – 1303)

His name is situated inside the list of world’s top most Worst Popes and Pope Boniface VIII had born indie the noble family in Anagni, Italy! He was successful in her study in law and after that he was a member of Roman Curia. Pope Boniface VIII has won the position of cardinal priest in 1291. After the year 1921, he was elected as the pope and got the position from c.1235 to 1303. That has the great achievement because he was directly connected to the god that time.

  1. Pope Leo X (1475 – 1521)

One of the very famous Worst Popes in the world and often associated with the well-known philosopher Martin Luther and has upheavals of the Protestant Reformation. Pope Leo X has famous with the well-known name of most lavish, uncontrollable spenders and who has ever headed the Christian church. His great priority: “Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it.” That always speaks through each one due to since 1475 to 1521 and still never forgotten.

  1. Pope Clement VI (1291 – 1352)

Pope Clement VI is famous as the Worst Popes and he is a Frenchman and who was founded as the fourth of the Avignon popes. He had also taken the famed name Clement VI for his pontificate which has the great moment for the Pope Clement and the whole world has followed them since 1291 to 1352. He was not being stayed on the particular evil man and, in fact, his all efforts have due to the Black Plague. He is the gentlemen at the time when China has suffered from the Black Plague crises.

  1. Pope Urban II (ca. 1035 – 1099)

Pope Urban II, it’s undeniable and that has Otho de Lagery and he had become Pope Urban II in 1088. He has very talented diplomat as well as a successful leader since ca. 1035 to 1099 and he has very responsible and also establishing the modern Roman Curia. Pope Urban II had also supported to reforms of the clergy and his name star like as the Worst Popes in a world.

  1. Pope Julius III (1487 – 1555)

Pope Julius III was born to the well-known Roman jurist, and he was elected as the Pope in 1550 as a compromise candidate and he got the title Pope Julius III.  His name is also famous in the list of Worst Popes. His church career has successful and he was very capable pope and his privacy is known for being as the extremely ineffective and undistinguished. His personal pleasure was also keeping out in the political affairs.

  1. Pope Stephen VI (? – 897)

Due to the personal appearance of Pope Stephen VI and he has belonged to the Roman and he has the son of the priest named John. He is famous in the history as the Worst Popes in the world. His name as reveals the grotesque synod which was convened to put a corpse on trial. He was also successful Pope and famous in the world due to his work.

  1. Pope Sergius III (? – 911)

Pope Sergius III is still famous as the son of Roman and he has the member of an ultimately unsuccessful faction. Contributed the opposed to policies of Pope Formosus and also famed as the top most Worst Popes. He is void successful Pope and displeasure with Formosus and the annulling with all of the recently reinstated ordinations.

  1. Pope Benedict IX (c. 1012 – 1065/85)

Pope Benedict IX was born on the Theophylactus of Tusculum and famous by the two of very strong things as held office on the three separate occasions and second is he is one of the popes whoever sold the papacy. His name is situated inside the list of Worst Popes in the world and at the young age, he became pontiff and him thankful for the political prowess of his father and respect them ever.

  1. Pope John XII (c. 937 – 964)

Pope John XII was born in Rome and he had the young Octavianus practically and was handed papacy on a silver platter. Father of Pope John XII has patrician of Rome who had made the Roman nobles swear. John XII holds the position when he was only 18 and he got the respect from the whole world.

  1. Pope Alexander VI (1431 – 1503)

Pope Alexander VI is very famous since 1431 to 1503 and the reward for “Baddest Pope Ever”. He had enjoyed the benefits of having an uncle and happened to be Pope Calixtus III. His social status had been very high and he always thank it and various follower he had around the world and that’s because he is an a part of Worst Popes.

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