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Top 10 worst fashion trends that make women look fat

Top 10 worst fashion trends that make women look fat
Every woman at least once in her life has been worried because of the question that is this dress makes her look fat? I am sure every woman does, well to be frank you are not alone. We all face such situations, and it depends on us how we deal with them. Now a day’s everybody wants to look great, even people too notice how another person is looking, looking good is very necessary these days. Looking slim and smart is a trend now. In fact looking good is very important, when you go to a party, or somewhere say office it is very necessary to present yourself. For that it is very necessary for one to have some fashion sense, there is nothing wrong in being fat, but looking fat is something different, when you look fat , you lost your charm, for that you must know about some fashion tricks so that you will not look fat.
Here explaining you the top ten worst fashion trends styles:
1. Wearing Skin tight clothes

worst fashion trends
Skin tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes are cool, but not for the ones who are fluffy already. Wearing a dress that is skin-tight is an enormous slip-up in the event that you need to look more slender and taller. On the off chance that a dress feels tight, if level wrinkles seem (particularly over the bust, hips, or thighs), or if irregularities and knocks are unmistakably obvious, the dress does not have a place in your closet. The as well tight dress impact is prone to be reproduced if the dress likewise has other unflattering gimmicks, for example, being excessively short or excessively uncovering. This is 1st worst fashion trends as per our knowledge.
2. Wearing full-length skirts

worst fashion trends
full-length skirts

A full skirt on a short lady approaches an ensured design blunder as a result of the extending impact. Petite ladies ought to keep away from skirts that are more extensive than they are long no matter what. The most noticeably bad guilty parties incorporate full ring skirts (the poodle skirt that was so mainstream in the 1950s is an illustration), assembled skirts (these produce a considerable measure of completion around the highest point of the hips), and full-length skirts (skirts with sewed down creases may be a particular case relying upon other style variables). This is 2nd worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

3. Wearing skin tight jeans


worst fashion trends
skin tight jeans

Skinny pants look best when worn by thin ladies. Only because skinny pants are accessible in all sizes doesn’t imply that they’re a complimenting style decision. Pants with straight legs quite often look better on short ladies (unless they wear a small size) than skinny pants do. This is 3rd worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

4. Wearing patterned pants or jeans


worst fashion trends

It just goes downhill when shorter ladies wear any jeans or pants that produced using fabric with an example, whether it’s plaid, striped, flower or some other print, as opposed to a robust shade (ideally a dull strong color for the slimmest appearance). One special case to this tenet is pinstriped jeans the length of the stripes are extremely thin and the jeans hang straight from the hip without misshaping the vertical lines of the stripes. An alternate exemption is an extremely small example, for example, an unpretentious check, in a nonpartisan manner color in light of the fact that it will read more like an unbiased strong shade. This is 4th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

5. Wearing bulky sweaters


worst fashion trends
bulky sweaters

Bulky sweaters make you look fatter, regardless of the fact that additional pounds aren’t there. In the event that a massive sweater has other unflattering gimmicks, for example, a turtleneck, cowl, or wraparound style that falls beneath the hips, the weighty impact is further amplified. Any massive or oversized attire is particularly awful for the petite lady in view of her officially short stature. To look more slender and taller, it’s important to stress verticality, instead of pack on substantial layers of fabric. This is 5th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge
6. Puffy down coats

worst fashion trends
Puffy down coats

Puffy coats are the type of dress that can make even the thinnest person look healthy or say fat. Whenever you wear a puffy down layer. Like a massive sweater, a puffy down layer makes ladies look fatter, as well as makes them look unclear. Since not, one or the other is an attractive design impact, it’s a great thought to wear an additionally complimenting winter layer style, for example, a solitary breasted, knee-length fleece cover with princess seaming. This is 6th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

7. Wearing wrap shoe

worst fashion trends
Wearing wrap shoe

When we wear shoes with ankle wraps cuts off the leg line, they visually shorten the figure. When short women wear ankle-wrap shoes, they also look fatter than usual. Ankle wrap shoes also gave us heavy look, due to which we tend to look fat, and it is better to avoid them especially when your height is short than usual. This is 7th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

8. Wearing wide buckle belts

worst fashion trends
buckle belts

Wide buckle belts include mass and a level line over the center -not a decent thing for ladies who are attempting to look slimmer. In the event that the wide buckle belt is in a differentiating shade, it broadens significantly more. A superior decision for a wide buckle belt, particularly for short ladies, is a limited cinch in the same shade as the attire. This is 8th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

9. Do not use choker necklace

worst fashion trends
choker necklace

Choker necklaces’ make your neck look small, would you like to abbreviate your neck or cut off your head? Presumably not, yet that is precisely the visual impact ladies accomplish when they wear choker accessories. To look slimmer and taller, open up the neck and neckline territory, instead of blocking it. Wearing a top or dress with a V-neckline will attain the wanted results. In the event that you need to wear an accessory, attempt a pendant neckband that falls inside the neckline to stress the extending V-neck impact. This is 9th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge

10. Wearing bad under garments


worst fashion trends
bad under garments

Well, undergarments too play a vital role in making you look good. Make sure that you use undergarments of great quality. So that you will not look fat by wearing those undergarments. Wearing undergarments that are fluffy, or have bad stuff makes you look fatter and sometimes your body looks very ugly. Choose your garments wisely. This is 10th worst fashion trends as per our knowledge


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