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michael jackson
michael jackson

Wade Robson Claim Against to Michael Jackson about Child Sex Abuse Operation

Michael Jackson, A world’s top most personality presented as an American singer, actor, songwriter, Dancer and record producer. But due to the claim of Wade Robson, his image now is in danger well this is not first in 2005 the same matter was arise but that time Wade Robson denied about it. Now Wade Robson is told about Michael Jackson like he was abusing the child and Wade Robson is one from them. Michael Jackson had cured about himself due to the process of abuse at the children and them safe themselves with one alarm which they made surround the 30 feet of area. If anyone trying to come in that area alarm had alert to Michael Jackson and on his room’s door the one message has put “do not disturb”!

Now Wade Robson claim on the Michael Jackson about his sex abuse in 1990 when Wade was on 7 years old and he solicits the part of Michael Jackson’s property and that’s because Wade claims now on that matter again. Wade Robson also said in 2005 I was denied about this matter because Michael Jackson has done his brainwash. In fact, Wade Robson told to about Michael Jackson had slept with him and Michael Jackson said to him don’t disclose about it anyone else because no one can understand our feeling like we love each other and that’s because we need to silent. That all statement is given through the Wade Robson and he claims on Michael Jackson for Child Sex Abuse. Wade said he is not only the one who had suffered and lots of children is present like him who had in the trap on Michael Jackson. That is the very shocking statement because in 2005 Wade Robson had denied all those stuff and now instantly he is giving the statement for Michael Jackson.

Now on the internet that news has surrounded and different kind of the comment has passed on that matter like now Wade Robson want the property parts solicits from Michael Jackson. And that kind of allegiance is facing by the Wade Robson. Child sex abuse operation had already discussed before but that time wade is against to it but now shockingly he is against to the Michael Jackson and claim on Michael Jackson for the sex abuse. That is very shocking.

The matter is trapped on the property issue and all fingers moved the side of Wade because of the changing statement and again reopen that issue of Michael Jackson Child Sex Abuse Operation. All are waiting what will be the next in this matter and what will be the result. How Wade Proof all those things and how to proof he is right to talk about Michael Jackson. That is now biggest challenge for the Wade Robson because on the social media that news is spread and if Wade proof wrong in this matter his image will suffer and his career also be suffered by it.

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