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Vastu shastra for toilet: How to construct the toilet for your new house?

Vastu shastra is the best support for the individuals, who are going to purchase a house or build a house. The Vastu shastra principles can help you in exploring the best position of different parts of your house. If you will follow the vastu shastra principles, then surely you will get a house in which you can live pleasantly without facing any kind of health issue, any kind of financial problem. The Vastu shastra principles were invented by the intelligent scholars of ancient India and still almost Indian citizens follow these principles for selecting their home, shops and business locations. Today here we are going to mention the vastu shastra for toilet in your home.

Where should the toilet situated in your house?

According to the Vastu shastra experts, Northwest side of your house is the best part of house to position the toilet. If you are going to purchase a prepared house, then you must purchase the house in which toilet is in given direction otherwise you should avoid it. If not possible, then you can also choose a home in which toilet is situated in southeast direction. At time of building the house too you can suggest for this direction of the toilet.

Keep an idle distance from kitchen:

When you are going to construct a new house, then you have to maintain toilet’s an idle distance from kitchen. They both parts of your house should not be in touch with each other. As much architecture also follows this fact that they never position the kitchen near to the toilet because it spread negative energies in the house.

Position of W.C in the toilet:

When you are going to construct the inner part of the toilet, then you should always place W.C at the south east corner of your toilet. It is important according to the Vastu Shastra to place WC at the right position. If you will not take care of placing WC at right place, then it will lead to destructive diseases and financial losses. Place the mirror at northeast wall, which is the best position according to Vastu Shastra for the mirror in the toilet.

These all things are really very necessary to keep in mind while you are constructing a new house or going to purchase a new house.

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