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Vastu Shastra for office should be in following manner

In every person’s life, his office becomes the second place of his or her life, where that person spends maximum time of his or her life. A person, who chooses offices without considering its situation according to the Vastu, often faces big problems in business. Probably if you are starting your new business and looking for a suitable place for its office, then you must take care of principles of Vastu Shastra. In this article we are going to suggest you the right position of an office according to the Vastu shastra, which will lead you towards the success of your business. So, let’s explore the principles of Vastu shastra for office

Where should be the position of reception?

For every kind of business, the reception desk must be in the north-east corner of the office. Your receptionist should welcome your customers by facing toward the north-east direction. It increases the chances that customer will surely make purchase or deal in your office and thus you will earn profit.

Where your executives should be situated?

The business executives are expert people, who present your business policies in your behalf. You should position their desk in west side or in the south-west corner of your office. It also increases the chances of making deal with your client. Many big capitalists are offering the same position to their executives and getting better profit from their business.

The center position of the office should be bare:

Off-course you should choose a large spaced place for your office in which you can keep the center part of your future office bare. It becomes the reason of prosperity. You can easily see many offices in which the center space is empty and the owners of those offices are earning good profit from their business.

 Owner’s desk:

Office owner’s desk must be in the north east corner of the office. It is important according to the Vastu principles. It makes profit chances double and it also helps you in keeping your mind cool and maintaining atmosphere pleasant.

For doing a successful business, these all principles of Vastu are important to follow. In India almost business offices are positioned according to mentioned positions of Vastu shastra. The chances of loss decreases by following Vastu shastra principles and you enjoy benefits in your business. So, choose your office according to the given principles and have better benefit from your business.

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