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vastu shastra for kitchen sink, where to position sink in kitchen?

Vastu shastra is known as the most ancient techniques of building houses, buildings and other constructions, which was originated in India. Vastu shastra principles provide us effective direction for preparing a perfect space to live, work and do business. in present age every Indian citizen and also the foreigner people are also following the ancient techniques of India of building spaces. It offers us many benefits. For example if you will place every part of your home or office in right direction according to the Vastu shastra, then surely you will be happy for all time, there will be no health problems in your house and you can take better progress in your business. Today we are showing you the vastu shastra for kitchen sink. Thus you will know the right position of kitchen sink in your home according to the Vastu shastra.

Where to situate the kitchen sink in kitchen of your home?

The kitchen sink in the kitchen should always be positioned into the north east corner of the kitchen. This is known as the standard place of placing the sink in the kitchen according to the Vastu shastra. Apart from the sink, all other water equipments like drinking water pans, washing water etc, all should be placed in the north east corner according to the vastu shastra.

What you should avoid?

You must avoid keeping the sink close to the cooking platform. As we know fire and water are two elements of our world, which simply have the opposite properties from each other. At time of building the house, you should carefully spot the sink in the north east corner and at good distance from the cooking platform.

If you will place all things in your kitchen according to the vastu shastra, then every person of your family will be healthy and happy for always.

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