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Vastu shastra for kitchen in house

If you will ponder about the most vital part of your home, so you will surely consider it is kitchen. It is the place, where you prepare your food for your health. This part of your house should not be situated without concerning the right position. According to Vastu shastra you can situate the kitchen at the most best suitable position in your house. It will become really good for your health and wealth. So do you know what the Vastu Shastra for kitchen is? If not, then here you can know the right position of kitchen according to the Vastu shastra.

Direction of the kitchen in home:

When it comes to choose the direction for the kitchen, you much choose the south east part of your house. As we know the entrance gate of home according to the Vastu shastra should be in east direction, you should avoid keeping the kitchen close to the entrance gate of home. If it is not possible to place kitchen in South-east part of your home, then you can also spot it at north-west side of your house.

How to platform should be situated in kitchen?

Your kitchen’s platform should be in south or in the west direction. This should not be connected with the east or the north wall because it will be negative according to the Vastu of kitchen. It will be really great if you place the kitchen platform in the mid side of your kitchen because thus you can cook by facing toward east. It will be really healthy for your home.

Cooking suggestions:

In your kitchen the gas stove or stove should be invisible from outer place of your house. This leads to the digestion problems. For this you can keep the window upside in the wall so that no one can see your stove. Keep the sink at good distance from cooking side. As it is considered the flam and water apposes to each other, they must not be close to each other.

Take care of placing the sink into your kitchen. The sink should be in the north eastern side of kitchen. This direction is the most suitable for all kind of water dispersing elements of kitchen like drinking water, washing water etc.

So these were all about placing the kitchen in your home. Probably you will take care of these things while building your house.

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