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vastu shastra for home entrance direction

Whenever individuals go to have a new house, they firstly wish to have a house, which will become lucky for them. Hence you cannot predict that which house will be lucky for you, but if you will follow the principles of Vastu Shastra, surely you can select a dream home for your family. You have to take care of several things, while you are looking for a good house. Probably you want a house, where your family can live happily. So you must follow the principles of vastu shastra to select a prosperous place to live with your family. Today here we are going to show you the vastu shastra for main entrance direction of your house. It will surely help you in constructing your house in right manner.

Direction of main entrance:

While you go to purchase a house, at first you should consider the direction of main entrance of house. It is really the main part of your house from where you guests enter in your house and you can also consider it as the prime spot in your house. You should purchase only that house, which has main entrance in east direction. The reason of selecting east faced house is that sun rays will directly enter in your house and it will erase whole negative energy from your house. Thus your family will feel quite happy here.

Avoid cracks in main door:

The main door of your house should be cracks free. According to vastu shastra it is really a big sign of unhappiness in home and it also leads to the financial losses. You should also keep the main door the largest door of your house. Other doors should be smaller than the main door of your house. If you are thinking to place wall right in front of the main entrance of your house, then please avoid it. According to Vastu shastra there must not be any wall in front of the main door of the house.

Your house’s main entrance should be the way of your drying room or of any other room. Some people choose the house, where the floor is down from the main door, so this should not be happen in your home. Your house’s main door should be in level of floor or it should be little down to the floor. You should always choose a house, which offers main entrance in this way.

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