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Vastu shastra for home development and its effects

Our home is the place, where we expand maximum time of our life. Sometimes it happens that the new home becomes very lucky for the remarkable growth in people’s life. This happens only because of right directions of whole rooms in home. So the question is that how to confirm that your builder is situating whole rooms in right direction, through which you will get huge success in your life and there will be a happy atmosphere in your home? The answer is “Vastu shastra for home”. It is a proven science, which is applied to make your new home the luckiest thing of your life and you can stay there in peaceful atmosphere.

How the home should be according to Vastu?

First of all you should know that, you are not aware about the land where your home is going to be built. You also don’t about the negative elements at that place, so you should first do the “Bhoomi Pujan” before starting the building work. It adds the blessings of your god into the home construction. For Bhoomi Pujan you can take help of any Indian Scholar, who keeps knowledge about this thing.

Room directions of house:

The entrance of house must be in the east direction. Now you must be thinking why? As we all know sun rises from the east direction and with the first ray of sun you can experience the positive energy in your home. This brings good wealth and relief in your life. You should also take care of situating kitchen in your home. For the kitchen south east direction is considered the best place. This is because it should be warmth by sun to avoid all chances of accidents. By the way you have to take care in avoiding situation of kitchen in front of the entrance gate of your home.

Your bedroom must be in south west corner of your house. This is the place where we go to have relief from whole day’s work. This direction is also useful because you reside quite far from the sound of kitchen and outer side of your home. If you want to keep the toilets in all rooms of your home, then situate them in North West corner. It will be great according to the health purpose and also according to the prosperous purpose. These all things are done for situating home according to vastu. So meet to your builder and ask him to prepare house according to the vastu.

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