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vastu shastra for apartment

All things related to purchasing a house or apartment is mentioned in the Vastu shastra. There are many intelligent scholars in India, who have developed the fine principles for the modern people so that they can live their life happily in their new house. It really becomes very necessary to follow the principles of Vastu shastra because it effects in many ways. If you are avoiding the vastu shastra’s recommended rules, then it may happen that you will face some financial or health related damaging effects in your life. It can occur instantly or after some time, but you should avoid to go opposite of vastu shastra. Here we are going to help you for knowing the vastu shastra for apartment.

How the plot should be of the apartment carrying building?

According to the vastu shastra it really matters that what is the shape of the land in which your apartment’s building is constructed. You must know that the land should not be in any kind of hexagonal or triangular shape. It should be in right square shape. One more thing you should consider that the slope of plot should be in south direction and there should be any kind if water body otherwise you should avoid to purchase such plots.

Entrance gate of the apartment:

As you are going to purchase the apartment in any building, then you should check first its entrance direction according to the vastu shastra. The apartment should have the entrance towards south west direction or it should be in west direction. If your selected plot is not in this direction, then reject this apartment. Even the main room of the apartment should be built in the south west corner of the building. It will be great for peace in your apartment.

According to the vastu shastra, the entrance and bedrooms are the two most important parts of the house and apartment, which must be in right direction according to the vastu shastra otherwise that house or apartment can be unlucky for you.

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