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Vastu Advice for the Industry and manufacturing companies

Vastu Advice for the Industry and manufacturing companies

An industry is considered as the best way of investing money and earning profit. This is the source of wealth and affluence in life, so whenever you are going to start an industry, you should take care of choosing the place according to the Vastu shastra. The vastu shastra is the perfect science, which leads you for having the perfect construction of the industry. If you will follow the vastu rules of placing industry parts in the right direction, then for sure your industry will become the source of great happiness and profit in your life. Now check Vastu advice for the industry and construct your industry according to following tips:


  • You must do the bhoomi pujan before starting the construction work of your industry because according to vastu shastra, Bhoomi pujan is considered as the most important part of home or industry construction. It erases the whole negative elements from the land.
  • For the management office you have to select the north east direction, because this direction is considered as the best for administration work.
  • You should also place the pooja room in the north east direction of the industry, along with that you should also keep the underground water pipelines and basements in the north east corner of the industry.
  • To place the staircase and heavy machinery, the south west direction is considered the best according to the vastu shastra. It helps in keeping things good so that your industry can use it anytime.
  • The most important part of any industry in the finance department and account handling staff, which takes care of your company’s whole revenue. This must be placed in the south east direction of the industry. And other fire related equipments should also be kept in this direction.
  • For staff quarters and outhouses, North West direction is the best. Thus you can prepare your industry by following this vastu tips. For sure it will bring lots of profit in your life.

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