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Vastu advice for the hotels and their construction

Vastu advice for the hotels and their construction

Hotel business is a business in which one can earn a lot of profit or one can easily get down on his knees. This business needs a good infrastructure of the hotel plus best services for the visitors so that they can enjoy their visit in the hotel. By the way some other science also works for the good success of hotels and that is called the Vastu shastra. In Vastu Advice for the Hotels there are many things related to different parts of hotel. In India every hotel is constructed by recognizing the vasto principles related to the hotel construction. The vastu principles really bring lot of benefits in hotel industry and it offers better number of clients every month. If you are going to construct a hotel, then you should follow the given vasto advice for the hotel construction.


  • First of all you should do the bhumi pujan of the land, where you are going to construct your new hotel.
  • According to the Vastu shastra, the size of land where you are constructing the hotel, should be square or in rectangular form it should not be a irregular shape.
  • There must be minimum two different ways in the north or east side of the hotel land.
  • At time of preparing the hotel building, you should not cover the north east section of the hotel with roof. At time of construction you should leave it empty and open.
  • There must be good air passing facility in your hotel’s building and you should also take care of cleanness of the hotel, while you are constructing it.
  • Place the kitchen in the south east portion of the hotel.
  • According to the vastu shastra you should place the kitchen in the ground floor. Above this floor you should start constructing other rooms of your hotel.
  • The reception should be in north east side and owner’s cabin should be in the North West corner of the hotel.

By following these simple tips of vastu shastra, you can make your hotel business successful.



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