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Useless College Degrees & Classes

Top 10 Useless College Degrees & Classes

Sometimes people has to get the study from the useless colleges and classes, but talents always up and they never need to wait for the good colleges and school. Parents always forced for the good education and the good colleges but in various times the child has been choosing them own way according to them interest and there we have to talk about the Useless College Degrees & Classes. Because useless sometimes work as the recycling in the common language so like the talent not get open always from the good school, classes and colleges.

Useless College Degrees & Classes always not major as the useless because it’s sometimes give the talented students. So there we are talking about the people and worst colleges but their’s student now popular in the whole world in the different-different field. So in the below list just know about the colleges and classes degree which is useless but still famous because of the few students. So just take the some name from here. Just believe on the own skill, not on the name of university, colleges and school and believe on your talent and also respect it.

Top 10 Useless College Degrees & Classes:

  1. David Beckham studies – Staffordshire University, UK

David Beckham got the classes as the Football Culture and this course also dedicated to him and he had passed out from the college Staffordshire University, UK. This college is situated in the list of Useless College Degrees & Classes. Many times people had argued on his study and give the future way like there people had not success but he has successes now.

  1. Parapsychology – various colleges

Parapsychology is also a very famous degree and good for the careers beginning with the Ghostbusters. This is also situated inside the list of Useless College Degrees & Classes. This course has been dedicated  to the study course of paranormal and that has various college in the world. Now almost all people know about it and that courses colleges are now famous in the whole world.

  1. Doctorate of Philosophy in Ufology – Melbourne University

The very famous Aussie Martin Plowman has the first student from the Doctorate of Philosophy in Ufology – Melbourne University who has the real Doctor from here. Aussie Martin Plowman had studied with the unidentified flying objects. He wasn’t to do something different in his career and he has to choose the little green men. Well, Melbourne University is also situated in the list Useless College Degrees & Classes.

  1. The Phallus – Occidental College

The Phallus – Occidental College a famous part of the Useless College Degrees & Classes because here studies run between the phallus and the penis. And the meaning is very clear of the phallus,  phallologocentrism, and another phallus is  the lesbian phallus, the Jewish phallus, the Latino phallus and meaning of it is the relation between the phallus and fetishism.

  1. Surfing Studies – Plymouth / Melbourne

There we have to see the huge group of people who has to study in Surfing and they are enjoyed on dudes riding the waves and they are doing it without care. This is also a very famous Useless College Degrees & Classes and here the UK offering the BSC in the sector of Science and Technology and other university is University in Australia offering Surf and also the Sports Management. So that are very famous colleges which are famous for the useless study.

  1. Philosophy – various colleges

All is known about the Philosophy so this is like the combination of sociology and psychology and this is very famous degree and counted in the Useless College Degrees & Classes. But fact is another because its useful in many cases. It’s just a for fun time also and also it’s an open stoner so many people has confused in this case and also ending the work in convenience store. Various colleges is present in the world for Philosophy and anyone can join this course.

  1. Queer Musicology – UCLA

Well the UCLA is the combined queer theory and this is also a important part of the Useless College Degrees & Classes. Queer study is about the gender, feminism and gayness and that all the study is with science of music. That is because of open-minded course and that is at the Herb Alpert School of Music. About it many debates was done in the community and that was successful.

  1. Star Trek – Georgetown University in Washington

The faculty of Georgetown is the faculty of Philosophy and they argues that “Star Trek is very philosophical” and that is very interesting thing in it and this is also included inside the list of Useless College Degrees & Classes. They teach what is the better way about to learn philosophy, than to watch Star Trek and that is very different kind of classes and degree around thee world.

  1. Golf Management – University of Birmingham / Florida Gulf Coast University

This is another sport degree which is included in the list of Useless College Degrees & Classes and its not really useless. There are the two lands is present in the number of two position and that is not even the fun. There are not even duller than the play golf which has been apart from the golf study. But after that this is interesting degree and many people had to the doing study in it.

  1. Art History – various colleges

Each one is known in the art and art is an very important part of the life and many people want to make career in it. This is also a part of the Useless College Degrees & Classes. Many art colleges and degree is present in the world and now that is the great way for source of income. Very famous art history course is till present in this world like arty-hippy types deliberating and same as it  Dali and Magritte paintings for four. This is very famous art in all around the world.

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