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Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 5000 lbs

Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 5000 lbs

If you are looking for a lightweight travel trailer, that is perfect according to the floor plan and your SUV can tow it, then you should check the ultra lite travel trailers under 5000 lbs. According to this specification you can get many great models of lightweight travel trailers at reasonable prices and best facilities.

1-      CampLite travel trailer:

It is fully aluminum made small light weight travel trailer. It offers you facility of 7feet exterior length and 5.8 feet interior length. It is facilitated with two beds, two couches and a small kitchen. Its dry weight is up to 1850 lbs, and you can get it in reasonable rates.

2-      Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailer:

It is small in shape lightweight travel trailer, prepared by Cikira Retro. Its dry weight is up to 1850 lbs, and it is featured with a dining table, couches and other necessary facilities.

3-      Coachmen Shasta Airflyte travel trailer:

It is a nostalgic design of light weight travel trailer, offered by Coachmen Company. You can easily carry with your van and get all necessary living facilities in it.

4-      Forest River Rockwood Ultra lite travel trailer:

This travel trailer is amazing because of its inbuilt facilities. You will get gas burner, bathroom, refrigerator, bed and many other things in this light weight travel trailer. Forest River is offering you Rockwood very reasonable rate with 5000 lbs dry weight.

5-      Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer:

It is another good lightweight travel trailer model, offered by Forest River Company. Its dry weight lies between 3945-7000 lbs. You can choose the model according to suitable floor plan.

6-      Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailer:

Heartland Company is one of the most prominent light weight travel trailer providers of the world. In new teardrop travel trailer you will whole entertainment and living facilities. Now it is available with dry weight of 3272 lbs.

7-      Airstream Flying Cloud travel trailer:

If you want a travel trailer with facilities same as your own home, then choose Airstream Flying Cloud. It is perfect for families to stay out. Its Unit base weight is between 3792-6322 lbs. It offers sleeping facility for 2-6 people at a time. Isn’t it good for the whole family? I think yes.

8-      The 2013 Jayco White Hawk:

It is the ultimate travel trailer with a final exterior look. This travel trailer is a long space with a bed, couches, tea table and kitchen facility. Bathroom and refrigerator are two additional facilities for you. Its dry weight is up to 5000 lbs and available in the market to purchase.

9-      EverGreen Ever-Lite travel trailer:

It is another great lightweight travel trailer model developed by EverGreen Company. The company is offering you fully facilitate travel trailer. You can get it in weight from 5000lbs to 9500 lbs. It is available in different floor plans.

10-  The 2013 Forest River Nitro Travel Trailer:

It is the latest lightweight travel trailer model offered by Forest River. It is coming in eight different floor plans, and its dry weight is between 5000 lbs- 8000lbs.

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