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Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 1000 lbs

Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 1000 lbs

Are you looking for light weight travel trailers under 1000 lbs? If, yes then you can check the details given bellow. All of these lightweight travel trailers are fully facilitated with necessary equipments and appliances. Take a look of them and choose the best one as you movable home:

1-      Airstream 2014 sports:

It is the best lightweight travel trailer, prepared by airstream. With its tiny form it is offering you good space for sitting with necessary appliances like cooking table, couches and another facility. Its compact shape makes it perfect for small families, and it is also very easy to carry with the family vehicle. Its weight is 915 lbs and very efficient to use.

2-      Take Campers  

In the first view, you will consider it as a van, but it is quite extra than a van. It is an excellent example of small shaped lightweight travel trailer. The best benefit of using this travel trailer is, you will not need to pull it with any other vehicle. You can sit on the front seat and start traveling.

3-      Casita Patriot:

If you want to get a small light weight travel trailer, then check the exterior and interior of patriot. It is very tiny, but fully featured travel trailer. Its dry weight is up to 930 lbs, and its starting price is $14,500.

4-      Egg Camper:

This company is continuously offering you new models of lightweight travel trailers. Its weight is 1000lbs, but it has eight gallons capacity black tank. 14 gallons fresh tank, big closet and premium baby awning.

5-      iCamp Elite:

It is a light weighted ultra lite travel trailer. It offers you safe inner space with finely shaped exterior. Its weight is up to 950 lbs, and it is very light to tow with vehicle.

6-      Scotty Sportsman:

SerroScotty manufactures this lightweight travel trailer. Its weight is 1000lbs, and it is featured with Premium vinyl flooring and whole required equipments into the home. Take a view of this light weight travel trailer and get it for you family.

7-      So-Cal Teardrop Trailers

These lightweight travel trailers are tiny in look, and the weight of this travel trailer is up to 750 lbs. You will get a bed in it with some cooking equipments. They are quite small in shape and ideal for a small family.

8-      Knaus Deseo

It is another great lightweight travel trailer under 1000 lbs. It is coming in many different varieties, but its small shaped light weight travel trailer is available in dry weight of 1000lbs. You can choose it if you want a sweet, small home for camping.

9-      Extreme American Caravans

Would you like to pull your light weight travel trailer with your bike? If yes, then choose extreme American canvas. Its maximum weight is 319.67lbs, and it is facilitated with a bed and some other things.

10-  Bimobil Husky – pickup with a cottage:

It is a great example of adding a small house with a pickup. You can purchase this pickup in reasonable rates and additionally you will get an inbuilt lightweight travel trailer free with it.

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