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Tulip Garden Festival
Tulip Garden Festival

Tulip Garden Festival

A Colorful Festival of Kashmir, Tulip Garden Festival

A very colorful and bright-colored festival of Kashmir as well as Jammu and the main attraction of this festival is the beautiful tulips and cultural functions and presentations. The top greatest of south Asia’s Tulip festival is in the India Tulip festival that has been kept naming by the Indian Prime minister of India, the recent Indira Gandi. The Tulip Garden Festival is coming on throughout  the months of March as well as April and is the attractive festival that captures a place in Kashmir. This blossom festival is a real regard to the eyeball as the garden is growing over 5 hectares ground in the foothills of Zabarman neighbor the Dal Lake.


Tulip Festival
Tulip Festival

In this Tulip Garden, the Garden gloats of 60 variations of particolored tulips. It favors a pretty carpet that has many colors and also imparts a heavenly eyeshot to the thousands of guests, national as well as international. Everywhere 2 million tulip tubers bloom here and contemptuously displays their allure beauty for the tourists. The view is easy awesome and has the untold delicate pretties lined in rows to dance with the breeze inside the tourists.

The Celebration of Tulip Garden Festival:

The Tulip Garden Festival was begun in 2007 year to encourage tourism and has been entirely successful in entrancing people from all over the world. With the start of spring, person multitude to the place. Officials here arrange different others happens along with providing the profession and also the Tulip Garden Festival for handiworks for the general craftsmen, provide a wide variation of folk dances as well as songs that the visitors love to see. On the other types, we can enjoy the various Kashmiri cuisine that arranged generally and is a dearest among the tourists.

Kashmir is a very popular place for its natural allure and with the tulips, the allure is enhanced manifolds. Todays, tourists challenging to start the garden ahead of decided time and also enjoy the beauty for a long time duration. On adding each year Tulip Garden Festival new varieties and new things also keep on this festival. The very popular place Kashmir festival of Tulip Garden Festival has been well acquired by the tourists and has become some an attraction for tourists which love to visit the beautiful place in Srinagar.

One of the most attraction power of this Tulip Garden Festival is the various types of collection flowers. It is mentioned to Aisa’s Largest tulip garden but compact to home. The formal title of this garden is Indra Gandhi Memorial Tulip which officially opens from March last week before the start of the flower festival.

At this Tulip Garden Festival, Festival races from 12 April through 14 April 2015 celebrate daily during 9 am to 7 pm. In the introduction to the flower presentations, visitors can also participate in cultural functions as well as programs also. This Tulip Garden Festival we can also enjoy the taste traditional Kashmiri Foods, purchase general handiworks and more.

The Tulip Garden Festival is owned by the Government of Jammu as well as Kashmir and The Tulip Garden festival is operated by the department of Floriculture. In 2014 year, This Tulip Garden Festival was visited by the 100,000 visitors. Approximate 2 million plants are planted in this Tulip Garden Festival. There have many types of tulip collection in this Tulip garden Festival.

Tourists have been gathering the lovely picturesque Tulip Garden in Jammu and Kashmir since it was started to publicly early this month.

Kashmir’s scenic Tulip Garden Draws Surge of Tourists:

Tourists can be watch obtaining clicked with traditional costumes of the day at Tulip Garden. The photographer and tour operators said that the tourist inrush has enhanced in the valley since the garden was launched open for public.

According to the traditional Kashmiri costumes as well as dress embrace a long robe known as ‘Pheran’ and silver ornaments so on. The inhabitants were expecting a better tourism season of this year after last year flash breads severely overdone the business.

The effect of this garden on the tourism obvious from the fact that we have been enforced to start a week to 10 days subsequently of schedule, according to Abdullah.

Although the flower, tulips are still to reach brimful bloom, the departments of floriculture have planted at least 20 Lakh bulbs over the all an area with the different varieties of  flowers which aided in every year.

Tulip culture has since been opened on a private scale. The smooth flowers in various colors are posted to markets across various countries, adding Delhi, Mumbai as well as Hyderabad.

The Tulips Garden Festival of Kashmir participants will become in different countries to celebrate this festival. The show of the Tulip Garden festival allured a large convention, which considered of the West Bengal of the tour operator as well as a tour guide, their operation, and media. The tourism players confident visitors from Bengal of all of the supporter and also assist so that their visitor in the valley residue a cherished memory. The tourism formals spotlighted the product of touring and then gives answers to the queries from the pain and tour guide and tour operator of Bengal. The communication resulted from feature different facets of the Jammu as well as Kashmir tourism.

Propellers, colorful field and wooden shoes charged with tulips. Many of thing are made from the flowers also some ornaments. One of the most beautiful routes of flowers is red, yellow and purple fields of flower-bulb, flower ground is the biggest regions of the flower-growing. This flower-growing field can be found in East and South flower ground. The Tulip Garden Festival of the Kashmir is made the road very attractive because the drive will be easy for all visitors.

This Tulips Garden Festival is very important for our natural life because all the plants are given air, which is very important for every human body, the garden will be helped to clean air as well as atmosphere also. In Tulip Garden Festival, there have the collection of various flowers as well as views also.

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