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Historical places in the world

Top 20 Historical places in the world

Get the Knowledge about top 20 Historical places in the world

There are many countries in this world. Each country had a unique history related to its culture and tradition. The historic places are today standing as the proof of those histories. There are plenty of historical places in this world, which are still standing with their full strength to show us that before us also there was a great life. Some places amaze us by their amazing structures because they still wonder for today since. Today I am taking you on a ride of top 20 historical places in the world. You will know those places and then you can choose the best one for your tour.

1-   The Taj Mahal (India):

Taj Mahal

The whole world knows that historic building, which was built by Mugal Padshah Shahjaha. He has created the taj mahal as the symbol of love for her wife Mumtaj. Well many people know that today Taj Mahal is among the top seven wonders of the world because of it great architect design. People from India and other exotic countries visit here to see the real beauty of Taj. If you want to see the real beauty of this memorial, then visit in the moonshine evening. Whole marble of Taj shines like it is a mirror to the moon. That’s why it is the top wonder of the world.

2-   Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt):

Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Pyramid of Giza

We all know that Egypt had a rich history and future vision. The Giza’s Pyramids are symbol of that spirit. Still the researchers and scientists have no definite clue that how ancient Egypt’s people have created these pyramids? They offer their different philosophies on it, but these pyramids are still like a wonder for the whole world. Well, today Giza’s pyramids have become an excellent reason of attraction for the tourists. Every year thousands of tourists come here, and they admire the beauty and design of these sky-touching pyramids.

3-   The Great Wall of China:

Great Wall of China

If you will visit in the space, then you will be unable to recognize any place on the earth, but the Great Wall of China will be easily recognized. That is what makes this 2,400 Km long wall unique and great historic place on the earth. This wall was constructed in 7th century as fortifications because at that time Chinese king has developed it to prevent his kingdom from incursions. Today it is a great historical tourist place to visit, and you can go here for having a great past holiday.

4-    Coliseum:


It is one of the greatest historical places, located in the Rome city of Italy. People also call it the Flavian Amphitheatre just like the oval amphitheater, which is built in the center of Rome city. This Amphitheater is standing as the symbol of Roman Empire, where the roman kings have organized some deadly games of animals and humans. According to view of architecture, this seems unusual and extraordinary because it was made in a spherical shape. It is quite high and on the whole outer walls of these amphitheater roman culture’s designs were formed. If you want to check the real shine of Roman Empire, then visit in Rome and check this incredible Coliseum.

5-   Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu

It is a 15th century’s town, which is located over 2,430 meters above the sea level. If you want to visit at this historical location of Peru, then you will need to travel through Urubamba Prominence in Peru. Well, this place is an amazing historical place, because it is located above the mountain on the edge of the mountain. Well plenty of historians believe that this place was built by Inca king Pachacuti in mid of 15th century. Well, this is an amazing hill area to spend a weekend with watching some excellent arts of 15th century.

6-   Great Sphinx of Giza:

Great Sphinx of Giza

Common people call it Sphinx, but it is an incredible historic place to visit, which is standing preciously in Egypt. It is a limestone statue made at the time of Pyramids, but it is special because of its different structure from the Pyramids. When you see this statue, you will find it same as the body of a lion, which was created by people and architectures of ancient Egypt. Well, many historians believe that the face of this statue is made as a copy of Pharaoh Khafra. There is no other monolith structure is made by men as large as the Sphinx. That’s why it is among the best historical places of the world.

7-   Eiffel Tower:


Do you know which the most unusual place to see in Paris is? I think everyone knows that a thing is Eiffel tower. It is wholly made by steel and still standing as the most powerful structure of the world. If you want to visit at the location of this tower, then you can go in Champ de Mars in Paris, and then you can watch this amazing steel made tower. It is called the Eiffel Tower because it was made by Gustave Eiffel. He and his company had made the design of this amazing tower in 1889 and since that time this tower is standing same in Paris. Today it is the main reason of tourist attraction in Paris and every year numerous visitors arrive here to see this tower.

8-   Stonehenge:


It is a primitive monument in Wiltshire. This historical destination is standing in England, two miles far from the west of Amesbury. Well, this among the most historical places of the world, where every year thousands of people visit and watch their historic beauty. Good, archaeologists have believed that these monuments had built between 30000 to 20000 BC, but no one has an exact time of its creation. Well, this is an amazing tourist place to visit and wonder on the earth.

9-   Acropolis of Athens:

Acropolis of Athens

It is an old fort, situated in Athens. It is located on a very heightened projection of the Athens city. This place is unique in historic places because here we can find some remains of ancient time. Those remains are preserved naturally and force us to think that such architectural designs were possible to make in the old age? Good mystery is same, but today it is a great tourist place to visit in Athens.

10-   Sistine Chapel:

Sistine Chapel

It is a chapel in the Vatican City, which was developed by Pop IV in 15th century. This Chapel is the largest Chapel in the world and today it is holding preciously to say us about the rich history of Rome. Since the chapel was build, it is continuously serving as a spiritual place and a papal activity spot. Well, this chapel is also very attractive because of its interior beautiful paintings of old age. This church was renewed, but still people visit here to see this historical place in its new form.

11-   Grand Canyon National Park:

Grand Canyon National Park

It is a 15th century’s national park, located in United States of America. It was also named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979. If you want to visit at this old park, then first you have to go the Arizona State of America, and then you can visit at the Grand Canyon national park. The main attraction of this historical park is the canyon of Colorado River. This spot is also considered as among the Seven Wonders of the World. This park is spread over 1,217,262 acre areas of unincorporated land. It is an amazing historic site to visit in America.

12-   The Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Barrier Reef

Well, I think each and every one of you knows about this central tourist attraction in Australia. It is the largest reef in the world, which is made by comprising 2,900 reefs, and 900 islands are widening for a region of about 344,400 km square. As I have said above, this reef is the main tourist attraction in the Australia because of its broad structure in the Coral Sea, and you can also see it from the space. This reef is residing on its location from a very long time, and that’s why we have included it in top 20 historical places in the world.

13-   Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls

Have you ever thought about spending a weekend on location, where gallons of water is continually flowing? Never, then it is the time to visit Niagara Falls. It falls is located in Niagara county of New York. These falls are located on the Niagara River, which is also known as the city of Niagara Falls.

14-   Pantheon:


It is an old building situated in Rome, Italy. It was specially made by Marcus Agrippa in the area of Augustus. The main reason of creating this building was to provide a single sacred place for all religion’s people of that time. Well, this building was destroyed and recreated by King Hadrian in 126 AD. It is a spherical building with a large granite Corinthian columns porch. You can easily recognize this building by its external look. Today it is among the most famous historical places of the world, where usually many tourists visit to see the beauty of this building.

15-   Versailles:


It is an ancient city in Ile-de-France region. It was a new town founded by King Louis XIV. It was known as the capital of the kingdom in that time. The king Louis XIV had made this town according to his architectural view, and he had tried to make it the most beautiful place on the earth. It was the capital of his Kingdome for about one century. Today it is a historic spot to visit and still people live here and serve tourists, who come here from exotic countries.

16-   Leaning Tower of Pisa:


It is a free standing bell tower in Pisa. Now you are thinking that what makes this bell tower special, so its inclination toward one side make it unique as a historic place. This tower is inclining towards its one side from centuries and still it is standing. This tower is located behind the cathedral of Pisa. Well, this is also called the oldest tower of Pisa, which is standing from a very long time, and the reason of its leaning is soft ground on which it is standing.

17-   Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty

Well, I think you know that Statue of Liberty is located in America and it is one of the most historic destinations to visit. It is situated on the Liberty Island in Manhattan New York. Well, you may know that the Statue of Liberty is 46 meter high, and it was established as a symbol of liberty in America. Today it is among the most famous historical places in the world, and it is the main tourist attraction in New York.

18-   Forbidden City:

Forbidden City

It is a historic regal place in China which is from Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. If you want to see this historic city, then you have to visit in Beijing because it is located in the center of Beijing city in China. Nowadays this city is serving as the Museum, where every year plenty of tourists come and see the historical things of China. Well, Chinese rulers have also used this city as their home since earlier 500 years and it was the political center of that time.

19-   Angkor Wat:

Angkor Wat

It is one of the most gigantic worshiping monuments in the world, and it was a Hindu temple in Cambodia. This church was built in time of Khmer King Suryavarman2, and that age was of 12th century. It was built in the capital of that time’s Kingdome Yashodharapura, and it was also the political center of Suryavaraman2’s state. Today this temple is the largest religious spot of the world and historical attraction in Cambodia.

20-   St. Peter’s Basilica:

St. Peter's Basilica

It is a late Renaissance church, located in the Vatican City, Rome. The Architecture of the historic church was Donato Bramante, Michelangelo and some others. It was the best example of architecting in that time and today it is a historic area in the Vatican City Rome.

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