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Top 10 weirdest creatures in the world

1.Proboscis monkey


Here is Top weirdest creatures Proboscis monkey also most beautiful species of monkey and looks incredible.  Huge people similar this cast of monkey. That is wholly different from other ordinary monkeys and having more dissimilarity. He has log nose that one of most different special attraction in them. Their long size nose makes their look different from other monkeys and also makes them more attractive. In their category one more special quality is that, male monkeys have long than female in size. They should be 72 inches in height and their weight about 24 kg. He also has the long tail than female monkey.

2.Pink Fairly Armadillo

Pink Fairly Armadillo

Here is a 2nd Top weirdest creature The pink fairy armadillo is also one of the best interesting creatures, and this is tiny in size and looking very different. That is looking very attractive and different from other creatures.  User can find fairy armadillo in Argentina, and they can also find their related cast there. You can find armadillo in grasslands, dry dirt and sandy plains. These all places are perfect to survive for pink fairy armadillo. That has no more length in size; this is just about 100 to 115 mm excluding tail. They are especially depending on insects, small plants, larvae and ant these all are their main food for last.



Here is a 3rd Top weirdest creature the alpaca is also the unique kind of species and it almost look like as camel. There having such dissimilarities like her has long neck and also available in other colors, and it is necessary because people. Alpaca are smaller than llamas and looking very interesting. People can use its fleece fiber; user can make scarves, sweaters and other more kind of warm clothes from this fiber. Alpaca is also more famous for its fiber. You can keep alpaca in southern Peru and northern Bolivia. User can get its fiber in 72 natural colors and get more usable things made by this fiber.

4.Frill necked lizard

Frill necked lizard

Here is a 4th Top weirdest creature the frill-necked lizard is one of the most interesting and attractive species for people and this looks very attractive and dangerous. That is looking like as a small dragon.  The lizard has ruff skin, and it is too hard and ruff. You can see bright, yellow and pink lines on gape of his mouth. This species of lizard has 1 meter size in length, and it is sufficient for lizard. That is a different kind of species of lizard and also very interesting for the user and it very different from normal lizard and its look very fantastic.


5.Leafy sea dragon 

Leafy sea dragon

The leafy sea dragon is looking very attractive and different. This has the attractive shape as look like leaf of a tree and its shape almost look like as the tree thus this is called sea dragon. You can see three different colors in this sea dragon there you find green orange and gold color in their whole body and it is very interesting to see. That is like sea horse and carries 150 to 200 eggs at a time. These all eggs as stored in honeycomb shaped area. These eggs stored about seven to eight weeks, and this period is very essential for newborn.  One more important information is about sea dragon it has no teethes and stomach.

6.Komondor dog

Komondor dog

Here is almost an efficient kind of creature and the first kind of species of dog. Here looks very astonishing and different other dogs. In these dogs don’t have large size as other dogs, in which females has 27 inches height and male dogs are 28 inches height. There also having 30 inches dogs in this species. These dogs are fully satisfied by white coat and looking more attractive by this coating. This coat is very soft in touch and feel like velvet. You can make this coat as tassel to make it more accurate.  This casting is also increasing as time, and you can also manage it.

7.Angora rabbit


Angora rabbit is also domestic species and furthermore looking different. Their whole body is satisfied with soft hair, and this is main and important thing that makes them different from ordinary rabbit. You can find these species of rabbit mostly in Ankara and turkey. Both these places famous for the wide verity of rabbits and there you can also find Angora goat and Angora cat also both of them also has soft hair across their body. These rabbits are very popular from 18th century and also popular in a current generation. Their wool is also very powerful and reliable for people.



Sloth is the particular kind of mammals, and you can find it mostly in Central America and South America. Both of these places you can see this sloth. Here is also called phyllophaga, sloth are specially act very slow and looking striking.  The main food of this sloth is insects, leaves, buds, small lizard and carriers are a main source of food. Sloth can take energy and nutrients from these all diet source. Mostly sloth depends on buds, leaf and tender shoots. That has slow acting stomach and large, specialized compartment which is perfect to digest all leaf and diet.

9.Star nosed-Mole

This mole mostly kept in eastern Canada and northeast United States. Star nosed mole lived in wet place invertebrates, aquatic insects,   and worms these all are a main food of this mole. That is a good swimmer, and it also swims in underwater covered by snow layer. It has long thick tale and weight should be near about 55 gram. Star nose is different and attractive thing because it looks like as star shape. Length of adult mole is about 16 to 21 inches. They realized their food by touch and then eat it. Here is also the good kind of weirder creature of nature.


The axolotl is mainly used for research of scientific inspection.  The axolotl originate by lake underlying in Mexico City.  They have one of the best qualities to regenerate their body parts, and this is an effective property in axolotl. You can find it this axolotl mostly in Japan, US, Britain and Australia. Mostly scientist used these species for important kind of scientific researches and other related inventions.

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