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how to scare someone
how to scare someone

Top 10 Ways How to Scare Someone

Top 10 Ways How to Scare Someone

No one is here who is not suffering from scare in the life ones. Every person have a one fragility where he scare well here we discuss about the topic is How to Scare Someone. So there are many ways for scaring someone. This is also a part of fun and enjoyment but don’t play this funny thing with a heart patient because that can be dangers for them. Some peoples are genius for doing this role and this is really the one part of life that never will forget.

If you want to scare someone so you need to make a plan for this and you firstly think How to Scare someone but don’t worry about this because here many different and arresting way which gives you the ultimate idea for you. This is the very crazy part of life but sometimes peoples want the fun with this kind of stuffs and this is not a difficult task but needs to know the right plan. You can make a different plan for targeting someone but care about you may be you targeting someone target you for the same. Well, this is the jock, but that can be. There are many ways for How to scare someone, and you can follow these ideas.

How to Scare Someone:

  1. Hide and Scream

This is just like to follow the word “Old is Gold”. This is the most popular way to scare someone. Many times peoples just hide behind the door and wall and just scream. This is the one of a simple way to scare someone. If you thing about How to Scare Someone so you can choose this way because that will get success always. This is simple and mostly following idea for scaring.

  1. Choose Fake Lizards, Snakes and Creepy Reptiles to Throw It on Your Target

This is very amazing idea for scar someone because now in the toy market you got the different reptiles which are look life original. If you think about How to Scare Someone and you want to target someone for scaring so just choose this idea. You can use the lizards, Snake, Crocodile and many of the animals and reptiles. This is the one of arresting way so apply this idea over someone.

  1. Stare at a Random Person with a Serious Face and Follow That Person

This is a funny way because some time peoples are aware from this idea and if you get some funny look by your face, so you don’t get success in your plane. After that, you can try this thing if you want to scare the people but think for How to Scare Someone so you just try it and play this role seriously.

  1. Fake Knife

This is also a popular idea but funniest one. If you are targeting someone and plan How to Scare Someone so just come with this idea and buy the fake knife and applying to throw this over the targeting people’s body. For a few times he just scare but after that you need to run through the place. This is a very funny thing. This is the one of the old way, but easy to work.

  1. Stage a Scene

This is the very ultimate way here you can target your friend and colleagues. Just see over the phone and electronic device and say Oh My God sometimes your friends asking you with scariness what happened and everything is ok? Then this is the right time for targeting them. This is a new but great idea for you and its work so just apply this one also. This idea will solve the problem of How to Scare Someone.

  1. Scaring Your Friends on the Phone or Social Networking Sites

This is also the one of the new way. This can apply you over a particular person. First you need to plan and choose a topic like please save me I am in problem in my home and so on. Then just call them and follow your plan. This is a different but amazing idea when you are thinking How to Scare Someone.

  1. Exploit Your Victim’s Greatest Fear

Exploit your victim’s greatest fare this is a very amazing idea when you are thinking about How to Scare Someone. This fare is just like the dogs fare, heights fare, and fire fare. These are fare are included in this victim so you can apply this idea over someone. This is just the easy way and can easily apply.

  1. Tell a Scary Story

When we are going with our friends in any outing place then, you can plan How to Scare Someone and just tell a scary story. This is very funny way because that time everyone was listing you carefully and getting interest in your story. This is also the great way to scare someone. That can you do alone and no need of other. This is the one of arresting way that you can choose. Haunted story always work in your picnic because all peoples are getting interest to listen it.

  1. Take Your Victim to a Haunted House and Disappear

This is very interesting way because everyone wants to know about the haunted house and want to go there. In that case, you can choose someone and get the bet for going in this house, and you can able to scare them individually. This is the very powerful way to scare someone. This is a very arresting way and this way is able to solve the problem of How to Scare Someone.

  1. Wear a Clown Get-Up and Behave like a Crazy Person

You can choose this way because that gets the more successful than other. You can the different haunted get-up from the market and behave like a crazy one so no one can go throw from it. This is very funny way, and you can easily follow this get-up. This will always solve the problem of How to Scare Someone. You can follow this idea and target the person.

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