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Types of Natural Disaster
natural disasters

Top 10 Types of Natural Disaster

Top 10 Types of Natural Disaster

In the earth, many kinds of weather are available like mysterious, and we don’t get when this will change instantly. There are many disasters are available and easily that cannot be easily handled because they are very dangers. Some Types of Natural Disaster is Earthquake, Volcano eruption, Landslides and many more. Many countries are now suffering from this thing, and that now came out for a few minuets but that is so dreaded and no one can handle that in a time.

Here some nature disaster is available which is so gruesomely, and name is 1931 China floods and this is the very biggest disaster in the whole world, 1839 India Cyclone and this is also not forgettable for Indians. There are many of the disasters that is reflected till now and that is not a great for the peoples because that time was very bitter for the human kind. Always the all pray for the god not the same time come again because that time many of the peoples was died at the same time. Sometimes this is the thing of nature and no one has to insert over to control that.

There are some types of Types of Natural Disaster

  1. Landslide

This is the disaster that is involving element of the ground and in this many things are including like rocks, trees, parts of houses, forest, soil and many more things. This is the one of very frightful situation, and this is the second condition after the earthquake. This is the one Types of Natural Disaster. No one can handle this excluding nature. Some name of landslide is Cheekye Fan, flies rockslide, etc.

  1. Avalanche

This is also very weird situation and that time nobody can protect by them. The avalanche is a geophysical hazard which is involving a slide of a large snow or rock mass melt a mountainside, because of when a buildup of material is leave down a slope. This is one of the major dangers situations in the mountains in winter. That situation occurs in the winter places always. This is also the one Types of Natural Disaster.

  1. Drought

This situation occurs in the condition in the deficiency in its water supply and this is the one of very hard condition for the peoples because water is the life of every peoples and nobody can live without water. This condition always occurs in the case of average rainfalls times. This is the thing that is destroyed to our local economy, and this is also the one of the Types of Natural Disaster. That cannot handle easily.

  1. Wildfire

This is the thing about wild land and forest, and that is controlling a thing when fire the forest fire burning area. This eruption was occurred by the volcano and pyroclastic cloud from an active volcano. That thing is most popular in a rural area which is in the side of wild lands. This is also the very popular Types of Natural Disaster.

  1. Flood

This is the overflow of the water over the land. In this case, the volume of the water is increased on the land by the rain and that situation is called by the name of flood. This is also very bad situation because that time no one case breaks this trap of nature and suffering from many problems at the time. This is the very most popular type of Types of Natural Disaster. That is the repeated situation in the rainy season.

  1. Tsunami

That situation is occurring in the ocean, and this is the term of waves of water that created by the body of the water. In this situation, no one can handle these waves, and underwater many things are occur like landslide, water exploration and many more. This is a bad condition and Types of Natural Disaster. That situation knew by the sea water weapons and we have to see clearly that all terms over the screen only from the scientist knowledge. Because of scientist we all are aware by many situations, and they can guess the nature disasters and handle the safe life for human.

  1. Volcanic Eruption

In this situation, volcano is erupted by one hole that is so danger because by their many hot spectra are fiercely flowing on the earth, and no one can go throw it. This is very popular Types of Natural Disaster. That have no decided time for the eruption, and that can erupt anytime. That is effected 1000 km surrounding area and range is also frequent. They flow many guesses that are harmful for living things and after the land is very useful for the cultivation that is only the positive point of it.

  1. Tornado

This is the one of violent, rotating columns of air which can blow at speeds between 50 and 300 mph, and possibly higher. There are many types of tornadoes include the land spout, multiple vortex tornadoes, and waterspout. The most popular tornadoes occur in the Tornado Alley region of the United States. This is the one of very popular Types of Natural Disaster.

  1. Earthquake

This is the most popular and well known types of natural disaster. This is the result of instant occurring of energy in the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes are measured using observations from seismometers; this is the measurement thing for this. There are some name of popular earthquake is 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan in 2011 and many more. Three kind of fault earthquake are available as normal, reverse and strike-slip.


This is also the one types of natural disaster. Those have different names like Hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and typhoons. This is a typical form over large bodies of relatively warm water. This is well known by the name of tropical cyclones. That has a speed as taken as either a 1-minute or a 10-minute average at the standard reference height of 10 meters. That have very high intensity and very vast in a frequency.


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