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Top 10 Tips how to jailbreak iphone 5s

I phone is a leading Smartphone brand of the market and it is continuously launching secure and improved devices. So here is Top 10 Tips how to jailbreak iphone 5s, while at the iPhone is good for people, similarly it becomes sometimes frustrating.  The reason is, it does not allow you to download videos or other files from any unsecured platform. This smart phone only deals with other smart phones of the same company otherwise you cannot share your stuff with someone else and you can also not get data from other company’s cell phones. By the way if you know the Top 10 Tips how to jailbreak iphone 5s, then you can easily jailbreak your iPhone and share unlimited stuff with your friends. Let’s check the procedure of jailbreaking iPhone5s.



1-      Download a jailbreaking software:

This is sure, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone5s, then you must need good jailbreaking software otherwise you cannot perform the action. You can easily find out the evasi0n7 1.0.6 (iOs jailbreaking software) for your windows computer on the internet. You must save it with the name evasi0n in your computer. You will get full using instruction, while you will download this software, so follow whole instruction when you download this software.

2-      Install the jailbreak software in your system:

Without installation any software cannot help you for specific task. What you have to do is to double click on the downloaded file of evasi0n and then click on run. This file will start the installation process. In this process, this jailbreak software will ask you many commands, so you have to answer for each command so that software can work better. For the full efficiency of the software you should follow whole installing instructions carefully. It will lead you for operating this software.  If you are using the windows operating system in your computer then you have to launch the software as an administrator. You can start action only by clicking on the downloaded file.

3-      Connect your iPhone5s

As the software is installed in your computer, the application will ask you to connect your iOs device. Hence you want to jailbreak your iPhone5s; you should immediately connect your iPhone to the computer and also to the evasi0n. This step is very necessary because without connecting your phone to the application you cannot work further process.

4-      Disable the passcode

If you have enabled the pass code in your iPhone, then you must disable it. If you will not disable the pass code, then it can fail the whole process. If you are not able to disable the pass code, then you can do it by going in settings then general, then go to the pass code lock on and then do pass code off. Thus you can process ahead for the jailbreak.

5-      Connect passcode disabled device:

Once you have disabled the pass code of your iPhone5s, then you should connect your device to your computer. As you have seen the connect device above in a point, this instructions was for those users, who don’t use the locking option of their iPhone. When you will connect your iPhone to the system, the jailbreak application can self find it and it will also recognize the iOs version you are using.

6-      Click on jailbreak button

Now click on jailbreak button to start the jailbreak process in your iPhone. The software will start working for jailbreaking your iPhone5s.

7-      Check progress updates:

Once you have started the jailbreak process in your iPhone 5s, the application will start functioning. In its functioning the application will retrieve remote packages. This application will upload the remote data in your iPhone5s. Hence, it is important to have the jailbreak program in your iPhone also, so the application will install the evasion app in your iPhone. Once the application is installed in your iOs device, the application will start configuring system. After configuring the system, application will restart you iPhone and thus the evasion will be installed in your iOs to complete further process of jailbreak.

8-      Wait until jailbreak is running:

Once the whole configuration process of your device is completed the evasion software will proceed ahead for jailbreaking. When this process is running you should not start any function in your iPhone5s. You should avoid using iTunes or any other iPhone application in your iPhone otherwise it will stop jailbreak process. Please wait for the completion of the process. During this process you will get a message, in which application will ask you to unlock it. Once you have unlocked, tap on evasion button for further action. You can easily unlock it and then wait for completion of the process. This will take little time, but be patience and wait until the jailbreak process is running.

9-      Launching evasion app:

Now this is another important action to do. Once you will tap on the evasion application and start next process, your iPhone’s screen can become white and your iPhone may be switch off. Don’t be afraid about the safety of your iPhone. It is fine and it taking further action for jailbreaking your iOs so that you can install huge stuff in it.

10-  Completion of jailbreak in your iOs device:

In the further step remaining jailbreak process will complete itself. To check that the jailbreak is complete in your iPhone5s or not, you must wait for the appearance of large logo of evasion software. Your smart phone will be switch off and then it will start with the large logo of evasion software. This will update with the whole jailbreak process. In this process the application will inform you about reading kernel. Once this instruction is show then the app will indicate that calculating offsets. After calculating th offsets application will start setting up packages. You have often listened the name of a jailbreak software cydia, evasion app will also set cydia in your iPhone so that you can download unlimited stuff from the internet. After completing this whole action your iOs device will restart again.

Your iPhone is jail broken and now you know how to jailbreak iphone 5s. So, apply this easy technique and enjoy its features.

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