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Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

It is not as easy to impress a woman as you guys think. There are many things which a woman hates and you should be careful of them all, if you want to impress someone. You have to use good clothing of your partner’s choice. If you will avoid it, then probably she may lose interest in you. There are many other things, which you should avoid to impress someone special. For sure it will help you in maintaining your running relationship and also in establishing a new one. So let’s check those 10 things men to which women hate the most:


1-      Flirting with other women

If you are already in a relationship and still you do flirt on other women, your partner will not take it easily. She may be angry on you or she can also take any hard action against you. You should know that a woman can never accept that her partner is trying to make another girl friend or friend. If you want to be perfect for the woman, you should avoid doing such things and concentrating only on your partner.

2-      Overly dominant

Guys it is nice to be careful for your partner, but you should not show over care because it acts against you. Any woman in this world would not like to have a partner, who will create boundaries in her every way. You should not tell her that what is good for her and what is not. You should wait until she won’t ask you for the help. Do care, but in limited way otherwise you will be called overly dominant person, which you don’t accept to be called. You should allow her to do what she wants and you should support her for every good thing.

3-      Lying

From the childhood every boy/man has slyness to say lie, even for having useless things. This becomes habit in young age and then men try to do every work with the help of little bit lie. Guys you should not apply this technique in women’s matter. You should always try to be true in front of her because when your will hold red handed, there will be so much problems for you. Women hat those people, who lie to them and if you want to impress someone, then speak everything truth and never lie.

4-      Romantic

A romantic man is the first need of every woman. They wish to have a life partner, who can respect their every habit and handle their every bad habit, a person, who can love them in all opposite conditions too. Such kind of man is often called romantic and you should be romantic with your partner so that you can maintain your physical relation too in a good way. off course you will get plenty of good chances to have physical relation, but for this you have to belief her that you are not a wrong guy.

5-      Argument

When two different people get committed with each other, they face many problems in their relation. It simply happens because of their opposite nature. if you are also facing problem in your relation because of this reason, then you should avoid to do argument with your partner. Things will not remain bad for all time because man has power to make everything good. Almost women hat to do argument and men should understand that. It can help someone to reestablish the relation in a good way.

6-      Commit

Every man in this world feels lots of uncertainty, while he does commitment for something. Men should be certain with their women to show that they are the best choice of those women. Whatever commitment you have done with your partner, you should try to complete them because it can be really unhealthy for your relation, if you will forget all your commitments.

7-      Predictable

Guys often think that they will predict something about their partner and their partner will be happy by knowing this. Sometimes it works, but not always. Woman often try to have some things surprisingly in their life they don’t believe to have predicted things. For example if your life-partner is watching any TV serial, which you have seen before. If you will do commentary of whole serial before every scene, then your partner will be so angry upon you. You have to avoid doing such things and you should present things surprisingly.

8-      Needs

If you are going to establish your first relationship, then you should know that every woman has a god gift and that is “demanding nature”. You have to be capable of satisfying here every needs and every demand, whether it is related to outer accessories or it is related to sex. A man has to be ready for everything because if you will say no, then your partner may fell quite sad for this. You have to avoid such situations in which your partner will feel such things about you. You should take care of their every need and try to complete them.

9-      Mobile issues during office hours

This is the main point to which almost women hate. Whenever men are free, they simply make calls to their partners, even if she busy in office, every woman hate such guys and she tries to get rid of him. If you also do the same thing with your partner, then stop it because you may lose your relationship.

10-  Alcohol

This is a very common thing to which every woman hat in this world. By the way men don’t think it is bad if they take it in limited way, but women have different thinking for it. they think every man, who drinks, is a bad guy and he can spoil the life of that woman. Guys if you want to maintain your relationship in a good way, then you should avoid to drink alcohol in front of your partner. It will be good in your favor and you can please your partner with such good habit.


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