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Top 10 things to do in Goa

Goa is the most amazing holiday destination in India, it is the world known fact. Recently some new adventures are added in this holiday destination, which are truly attracting to the exotic visitors. In last few decades Goa has got much improved number of visitors, and according to that the Goa state government has also improved the facilities for vacationers. If you know the top 10 things to do in Goa, you can make your Goa trip more pleasant and memorable. Many people visit to holiday spots without knowing the true attraction of that place. This is why many attractive places are left unseen in their journey. We don’t allow you to experience the same thing, that’s why we are giving you complete information about the top 10 things to do in Goa. Probably it will help you in making your journey unforgettable.



10- Party:

For sure you may know that Goa has many wonderful hotels and night attractions that offer you a wonderful night in Goa. If you have not been part of any party in Goa, then your Goa visit is worth nothing. You should ask for a party location and then join it to go out of all kinds of inhabitations. This will bring some amazing memories in your life.

9- Ayrvedic angle:

There are many Ayurvedic centers in Goa that specially work for providing you good stress removing therapies. We suffer from a lot of tensions in our life. We just need a way through which we can feel better and energetic. Ayurveda is an ancient source of India, which offers you many healing methods to de-stress yourself and feel better. For sure, after whole day’s visiting it will make you more energetic and exciting. You should go for the Ayurvedic healing centers in Goa for removing all kinds of tensions of your mind.

8- Ride a bike:

According to me bike riding is the simplest and the best way of visiting any holiday location. You have to just find a bike renting center and hire a bike. Visit each and every street of Goa, and realize how beautiful this city is. There are many bike renting services in Goa, which offers bikes on reasonable rental rates. Whether you are enjoying your holiday alone or with any partner, it will be very amazing experience for you.

7- Visit churches:

I think I don’t need to say that Goa has India’s oldest and full of ancient art churches of old time. You should visit them to add a different touch in your journey. There are many guides in Goa, who will assist you in reaching to these destinations. If you don’t want to take help of guide, then simply purchase a map of Goa and you will get the exact locations of churches in it.

6- Cruises:

Goa is a sea side holiday spot. It is not possible that Goa will not offer you cruise ride. It has many cruise rides in which you can enjoy your journey of sunset points and other locations. To make your trip more special, cruise services also offer you musical dances and other facilities. Thus you can make your cruise trip more special and memorable.

5- Beaches:

Goa has many wonderful beaches of India, which are truly beautiful and lovely to watch. Here you can see many exotic attractions and enjoy the local cuisines of Goa. If you are thinking to do boat riding, then go for it. On the beaches of Goa, boat riding facilities are easily obtainable. You have to find a suitable service provider and hire a boa and then go long in the sea to see the real beauty of Arab ocean.

4- Eat:

Any holiday cannot be completed without enjoying the taste of that particular holiday destination. In Goa you will find all kinds of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, and many others. If you belong to any exotic country and visiting at first time in Goa, then you must enjoy the local dishes of Goa. It will provide you very spicy and delicious dishes of India. If you want to order vegetarian food, you can get it else go for the nonveg because Goa has many delicious fish dishes for you, which you never tried before.

3- Get a tattoo

Many people in this world love to have a tattoo on their body. If you also one of them, you are at the right location. In Goa many tattoo artist work to give you desired designs of your body. You can easily choose a good tattoo design and have it on your body.  it will not hurt because tattoo designers of Goa are very experienced and expert in this work.

2- Shop:

What to say about Goa’s shopping, it is simply amazing. There are many local markets, where you can find out the hand crafted clothes, and showcase thing for your home and many amazing things. Girls love to keep the bags in their hands and Goa’s market is full of women accessories. Whether you want the things for your makeup or simply the body accessories, all things are available in Goa’s market.

1- See dolphins   

What else can be more eye catching than watch feat of dolphins? I’m sure nothing. You should go for a boat ride so that you can see the feats of dolphins in the sea. Goa’s dolphins are trained to show you many different kinds of stunts and eye-catching activities. People from all over the world visit at this place and they go for watching dolphins. It becomes a very pleasant and

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