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Top 10 things not to do in Goa

Have you ever visited to Goa? If not, then you cannot imagine about the wonderful beauty of this place. This scenic location is situated in western part of India, which is naturally decorated by beauty of Arab Sea. Every year numerous tourists arrive in Goa to see its beautiful views. If you know how you can make your holiday memorable in Goa, then it can be more pleasant experience for your, but if you are unaware of those things, then you can face many difficulties. This is the reason here I am going to suggest you top 10 things not to do in Goa. If you will materialize my suggestions during your Goa tour, you will not face any kind of difficulty in your Goa tour and it will become a memorable trip of your life.

1-      Avoid using taxi:

Off-course if you are visiting in Goa at first time, then you will prefer taxi for visiting its charming locations, but according to me you should avoid it. The taxi services in Goa often charge quite extra amount for your trip at any location. Excepting one or two taxi driver, no one charge according to the taxi meter. They charge arbitrary charges for little distance too. Hence numerous exotic tourists come in Goa every year that is why such activities of taxi drivers in trend in Goa. Once you have reached at your hotel, then you should only prefer to hire bikes for watching Goa. This is a budget friendly and pleasant way of visiting in Goa. I have mentioned this point at the top in top 10 things not to do in Goa because many visitors spend their money excessively on taxies.

2-      Please do not spit:

As I have mentioned above, Goa is the most scenic place in India. The local government tries its best to keep it neat and clean. You should not abuse to the efforts of the government by spitting on the ways and walls in Goa. Many people have habit of chewing Tobacco and other such things. After chewing such things they start spiting everywhere. This is a very bad habit and it spoils the beauty of any place. So, please avoid it.

3-      Don’t use incorrect pronunciation:

This is very common problem occurs with many foreign visitors in Goa. They try to have any desired thing, but they get wrong thing because of accent difference. If you won’t like to face such problem, then first make your pronunciation right according to Goa and then visit here.

4-      Avoid staring at girls:

Every year many European woman and girls arrive in Goa to enjoy the sea side activities here. They simply walk on beaches of Goa in small clothes. If you will stare on them, then you may probably fall in big problems. If someone will complain against you, authorities can take very hard action against you. So beware of it, if you don’t want to feel pain in your Goa trip.

5-      Avoid taking excessive amount of alcohol:

This is worldwide known fact that Goa offers you drinks and bears at very cheap rates. Often tourists visit here to drink so much. After taking excessive amount of drink they attempt wrong activities for which they get punished. If you are also coming in Goa for the same reason, then you should take care while drinking alcoholic drinks.

6-      Do not litter

If you are visiting in Goa at first time, then you should know that it is famous for its natural charm. If you will visit in its eye catching beaches or ways, avoid clutter. Whatever thing you are eating or drinking, please put the waste in dust bean. This will be your prominent aid for keeping this place attractive and beautiful.

7-      Do not carry valuable jewelry with you:

While you are visiting to Goa, you should avoid carrying valuable jewelries like gold necklaces or diamond rings with you. I’m sure that you will fall in beauty of Goa and you will surely forget about your all things. Hence there is a chance of having loss of your valuable items. So, it is suggested to avoid carrying valuable items like gold or diamond jewelries. Thus you will be free of taking care of your items and you can enjoy each and every moment in Goa liberally.

8-      Do not disrespect to religious places:

I know Goa is a wonderful place to have fun and enjoyment, but it is also famous for its churches, temples and other religious places.  Please wear full clothes, while you are planning to visit in churches and temples. One more thing is important to consider is that you should keep your shoes out, if it is not necessary to carry in. thus you will be more decent tourist in this place and people will appreciate your approach.

9-      Do not use cameras in religious places and keep silence:

When you will enter in the old churches of Goa, then you will see many artworks there to which you think to capture in your camera. In some places it is not allowed because of religious reasons, so avoid it. You should also remember one thing that you should avoid talking loudly in the religious places of Goa, because it will spoil the calmness of that place.

10-  Don’t spoil your holiday by staying inside the hotel room:

If you have come to Goa, then you should spend your whole day and the night out of your hotel room. There is huge entertainment available for you in Goa and you can make many new friends out there. Visit all the scenic spots of Goa in days and enjoy all parties in night. I’m sure you will get many memorable memories with you, when you will go back to your home. This will be really wonderful experience for you to have around the people of different nations in night clubs and pubs.

So, if you will remember these top 10 things not to do in Goa, then you can make your journey much better and you can enjoy everything in Goa comfortably.

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