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About Dharma

Top 10 things about Dharma

Top 10 things about Dharma

Dharma in English is known as Good Karma. According to Hindu Vedas, Dharma is all about choosing the right path in our life. Dharma is kind to every living being; when you understand other people’s problem help them without any selfish thought you are supposed to be a person who follows dharma. Hindus consider dharma the very establishment of life. It signifies “that which holds” the populace of this world and the entire creation. Dharma is the “law of being” without which things can’t exist.Dharma alludes to the religious morals as propounded by Hindu masters in old Indian scriptures. Tulsidas, creator of Ramcharitmanas, has characterized the base of dharma as sympathy. This standard was taken up by Lord Buddha in his eternal book of the extraordinary astuteness, Dhammapada. The Atharva Veda depicts dharma typically: Prithivim dharma dhritam, that is, “this world is maintained by dharma.” In the epic sonnet Mahabharata, the Pandavas speak to dharma in life, and the Kauravas speak to a dharma.

Hinduism acknowledges the idea of rebirth, and what decides the state of a single person in the following presence is karma which alludes to the activities attempted by the body and the brain. To attain great karma, it is vital to living as per dharma.This includes doing what needs to be done for the individual, the family, class or position furthermore for the universe itself. Dharma is similar to a universe sized standard and if one goes against the standard it can bring about terrible karma. Along these lines, dharma influences the future as indicated by the karma amassed. Hence one’s dharmic way in the following life is the one important to bring to realization all the consequences of past karma.

Here explaining ten things about Dharma:

1.   Patience

about Dharma

According to Vedas, Hindu scriptures even Lord Budha Dharma is about keeping patience in any situation of life. Keeping patience enables you to bear all misfortunes, problems. It helps you in dealing life easily. Keep patience before you speak. The patience gives you the power to comprehend god. When you remain calm and keep patience. This is 1st things about Dharma

2.   Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is something only meant for heroes; one can always choose to take revenge the hurts that are the cause ton him, the wrongs happened with him but he choose to forgive that is where he won the battle. Forgiveness is Dharma; not everyone has the power as well as ability to forgive. Dharma believes in forgiveness; life is full of uncertainty and anything can happen anytime to anyone, forgive and move on for your own good. Forgiveness gives you mental peace. Forgiveness balances your life. This is 2nd things about Dharma

3.   Self-control and Piety

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Self-control or piety is necessary in order to maintain the peace within. One must always have some self-control. No matter what controlling yourself in every situation is the best thing you can do with yourself. Self-control or piety, Dharma is about one of these things. This is 3rd things about Dharma


4.   Honesty

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Honesty is one of the fundamentals of Dharma. We all often things that living with honesty is something which takes courage, power and great control on our feelings and mind, but all it needs is the love towards the truth. Even when mentioning honesty in Dharma all we need is love of honesty. The purpose of honesty is to understand your inner self first. This is 4th things about Dharma

5.   Sanctity

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Dharma is pure. When you are pure no one can hurt you with lies, or other bad deeds. It is all about being pure or says having a pure soul. The one with a pure soul is always god’s precious child. Dharma is to gain that Sanctity. This is 5th things about Dharma

6.   Control of senses

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Control of senses

When you have all your senses in control, you have gained a point in Dharma. You can control your senses by practicing Yoga. Controlling all your senses is indeed a powerful act, it is very difficult to control your senses but once you have your control over all your senses, you on your own will feel the difference. This is 6th things about Dharma

7.   Reason and Practice

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Reason and Practice

Many things lead you towards the path of Dharma, but reason and practice are the most roads you can choose to travel to reach the path of Dharma. Reason here means to realize the importance and essence of life. To believe that every living being is same and important, and practice to understand, learn about nature and the nature of all living beings these two things will for leads you towards the path of Dharma.

8.   Absence of anger

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When you believe in dharma, there is no room left for anger in your life after that. It is a human nature to make a mistake; one has to understand this and forget about anger. Dharma is all about love. Absence of anger means presence of happiness, in order to gain peace, and happiness forget what anger is. This is 8th things about Dharma

9.   Non violence

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Non violence

Well, this is something related to anger but little bit difference. Dharma will never teach you violence. The fundamental principle of dharma is based on non-violence. To maintain peace, happiness, growth of the people of our country as well as of the whole universe, the word violence should be terminated forever. Non-violence is something you can start within yourself, never hurt someone physically, neither yourself nor anyone else. Treat everyone equally; you can never reach the path of dharma by doing violence. This is 9th things about Dharma

10.   Knowledge or learning

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Dharma is knowledge; you must gain knowledge at every given point of your life, by knowledge I do not mean only knowledge given by book, but learn and gain something from every situation. If someone does wrong with you, learn from it never allow anyone else to treat you wrong in the future, forgive them and move on. Dharma is all about gaining knowledge about anything and everything, learning new things and new lessons. When you have knowledge, it is natural that you will behave maturely or say according to the principle of dharma. So be ready to gain knowledge and learn new things by your surroundings.

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