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china is famous for
china is famous for

Top 10 Things China is Famous for

Top 10 Things China is Famous for

China is a very amazing country and now a day this is growing in economically. This also touches the boundaries of much country like India. That have amazing historical and civilization background, and there are many historical visiting spots. They have many low-cost gadgets and low-cost toy and many more. Now China is Famous for the electronic devices. They manufacture many cheap and good electronic devices and toys and so on. There are beautiful oceans which make its beauty very vast.

This is very amazing country because many scientist and engineer and doctors are there, and they all are successfully doing them work. There are many fighters also who secure China from them enemy. There is a huge population, but this is not a poor country. This country is China is Famous for its history and culture. Many people’s are coming here for visiting, and some populated cities of China is Shanghai, Beijing, Cheng du, Hang Zhou and so on. A Shanghai is the most popular city of China because this is a very modern city. China always proud over shanghai because its economy is developing rapidly. There are some other things of China is Famous for.

Generally China is Famous for:

  1. Century Eggs

Egg is very famous high protein food and mostly peoples like to eat this. This egg also called by many names like pagan, preserved egg, hundred-year egg, millennium egg. This is the preserving egg of duck and China is Famous for this amazing egg of duck. This is having a dark brown color inside and white color from out of covering. Some other pattern is like pine branches that also have a white surface, and this is called pine patterned egg.

  1. Terracotta Army

This is very famous army made by soil, and this is also known by the name of “Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses”. This terracotta army present the first emperor of China is Qin Shi Hang. This has very amazing history because they believe their army will protect his emperor after him death. So China is Famous for, and this is very amazing and interested thing of China.

  1. Giant Panda

This is the one of the animal like white and black color. This is a very cute mammal with combination of white and black color, and this is only can see in China. They have sound 5 to six feels tall and very heavy mammal. This can we see in the bamboo forest in central China. A China is Famous for the Giant Panda. This is very rarest animal in the world, and China is very lucky country that got this pride.

  1. Feng Shui- Luck and Fortune

This is the one of very famous thing in all over the world. Feng Shui like this can change the bad luck in a good and many more. Peoples generally believe like this about them. This is having many colors and many types and looking beautiful. China is Famous for this also, and that have an amazing market in different-different countries. That is a good thing, and we will give the thing as a gift to anyone.

  1. One Child Policy

Everyone knows about the population of china and for controlling this situation a China’s government applying one rule for the peoples of China. Rule is one child policy. Their government now restricted to have one child, but sometimes they are lenient in case of twins, rural couple, etc. China is Famous for this policy and shows its contribution for a limited but good family.

  1. Ice and Snow Festival

This is very popular festival in China and China is Famous for this festival. This festival takes place in China from 1963 and till now. This is located in Northeast China. The average temperature is here in a summer is like 21.2 degrees and in winter 16.8 degree. This festival celebrate on January and last of this month. This is the one of the festival that is famous in the world.

  1. The Great Wall of China

This is the very famous thing of China, and now the children also know about that. This is not forgettable because that represents the China’s creation in the world. This wall was built in 7th century BC, and this is the historical border of china from east to the west line. China is Famous for this wall because this is included in the list of seven wonders in the world. This largest thing was constructed by the human hand, and this is really amazing thing of the world.

  1. Inventions

China is Famous for its invention in worldwide. Some most popular invention of China is that of paper, gunpowder and printing. The kite also invented by China for a scaring the enemies in the battle. China has many different concepts in every field, and China is Famous for also its different thinking and creation. Paper is also very vital thing of the world because this is important for the study and many sectors.

  1. Li River

River and lakes always make the city beautiful and by river the drinking water problem will solve in a level. The Li River flows from Zhujiang Pier to Yangzhou. China is Famous for this river and in an ancient period that river called by the name of Gui Water, Gui River and East River. The climate of there is like mild subtropical and nature of this river is like natural landscapes. This is really very beautiful place in China.

  1. Population

China is also famous for its huge population but now it’s growing to control. The country population is around 1,308,912,829, and this is around 20% from all over the world. Now this country try to drop down because by high population this can be economical not able to growing. China is Famous for high population also, and this is sometimes it’s a negative thing and that really need to control them. China also has many abnormal child and their now the policies is one child policy which able to control their population.

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