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Top 10 Reasons why Money cannot buy Happiness

Top 10 Reasons why Money cannot buy Happiness

Life is so hard and you will face competition on your each step. To reduce the complexities of life money is really very important. This is the reason people do hard study in schools and colleges and gets good grades to achieve better work opportunities. With a good job better amount comes in form of salary and you can fulfill all the needs of your family and yours. Till the age of 40s it seems so good to have a good job of good salary, but in the end every person attains at a conclusion that something is left behind. This proves that you cannot buy everything from money. If you think money is everything, then today we are going to show you top 10 reasons why money cannot buy happiness and everything.

1-      Happiness is more about the little things

In race of earning money people often avoid little things of their life, but real happiness comes with little things of surroundings. If you will avoid them, you will miss a chance of being happy and after passing that moment you can’t get back those little things again. How soever money you will spend, you can’t get those little things back in your life with their real beauty. According to me you should watch everything carefully and consider each thing as important aspect of your life. You will get real happiness and never be sad.

2-      It doesn’t buy a carefree life

Do you have any idea about how carefree you were till your age of 18n? These were the days, when there was no tension around you and there was no tension of earning money. These was the days, when you were trying to make new girl friend everyday and you were doing hang out with your friends without any fear of life. You can’t get these feel again by spending money. It is really impossible because you can’t create such atmosphere around you.

3-      Money can’t get you the peace of mind

With every day increasing age our mind’s peace is lost. Many types of tensions cover our life and we try to get solution for them. If you are thinking that you will reduce those problems with money at the moment and you will get peace of mind with money, then it is truly impossible. No one is born in this world, which can do so that’s why we have included this point in this article. One should probably do every work with full of loyalty and honesty and he will have the peace of mind in gift.

4-      It doesn’t buy you good times

There must be several good moments in your life, to which you want to relive again. This is my point that you can’t buy good moments or good time with money. Whatever good moments are passed from your life, they won’t come back again and you can’t buy them by spending millions of money.

5-      It cannot strengthen family ties

Money is really very important thing to have, but at several places it looks really nothing. If you have problems in your bonding with your family members, then there is no way of purchasing that real loving bond with them by money. Money can’t strengthen family ties because it can be achieved only by love. If you will show money to do such things, then in the end you will see that people are dependent on you only for the money and they don’t have any need of you.

6-      Money doesn’t ensure a blissful relationship

What you think about this point is it true according to you is not? Probably almost people are with me, no one can get a delightful relationship with money. You have often seen many people, who spend money on their partner to maintain their relationship in delightful way, but their partner gets frustrated with their habit of spending money. After some time their partner avoid to talking with such people and in the end break up!! This is the fact and it happens in our world. if two individuals are strongly bounded with each other because of their love, so this bond can’t be broken by spending money or anything else.

7-      Money doesn’t get you true friends

A person earns true friendship with his desperation for his friendship and his loyalty. If someone is spending money to gain true friends, then he is going to get some bodyguards not true friends. Money cannot provide someone true friends. If you are helping to a person on the most critical stage of his life, then the next person won’t forget you till his whole life. He will be with you as your true friend to protect you from all kind of harmful activities.

8-      It will never be enough

Do you know the names of top ten richest people of our world? For sure you know a few of them, but have you seen them satisfied? This is simple the human nature, how much money you will get, you will think that it is not enough. You will run faster to get more amount in your bank account. My point is about satisfaction. No one can buy the true satisfaction from his money, he can only watch the account’s amount and next day he will again start running.

9-      Money doesn’t buy kindness

Do you believe in god gifts? If yes, then according to me “kindness” is biggest gift of god. Everyone does not have kindness and the person, who has kindness in his or her nature, is truly the richest person in my opinion. Kindness can’t be purchased by money or by any other thing. It comes from rites, which our parents teach us.

10-  Time!!

Time is the biggest thing of world to which no one can buy from money, until the time machine won’t be invented. If a moment is passed, you can’t get it back in your life whether you will spend billions of pounds. Once a moment of your life is gone, then it is gone and it cannot come back in your life.

Don’t think money is everything. Above mentioned things are those things, which you won’t find on any shop of our world and you can’t purchase them from money.

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