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Top 10 Reasons why E-books are better than Paper books

We are living in new era of technology. Every single you will listen about the new invention related to technology. Today everything is online and people of every class are dependent on this technology, whether they are poor or rich. The continuously growing technology has also helped students in their study by providing them e-books. Today no one need to no one like to increase burden in bag, everyone try to get e-books on the internet so that they can do study in the most comfortable way. With the creation of first e-book of the world, people have been addicted to them and now almost people are choosing e-books instead of hauling the weight of paper books. If you still prefer paper books, then must check the top 10 reasons why E-books are better than paper books:

1-      E-book is a hub of knowledge

There is no limit of pages in e-books and creators also consider to provide the full information in their e-books instead of being worried about the size of that book. If you will consider the space taken by e-book in your computer, laptop or ipad, then you will find it only few MBs. Isn’t it quite better than having a large paper book of thousands of pages. Even you can easily search for the desired content in your e-book in few seconds, while in paper book you will waste several minutes to get desired content.

2-      Boon for the physically disabled

This is the fact that e-books are the boon for physically handicapped people. If someone has no eyes but he or she has will to get whole knowledge about any particular subject, then he can easily use the digital reader to read the content of that e-book. Digital reader is the software, which converts each word into a talking and the handicapped person can easily listen whole content and learn many things of that subject. Even normal people are also enjoying this way of learning in which they don’t need to invert the pages and they simply listen whole content of their course’s books.

3-      Opportunity for novice writers

This is true that since the e-book technology has been launched, many new writers have tried to make their career in it. I know every person think different and some of them think really fabulous about our world and its tradition. They can write and publish their books online on any desired topic. The e-books have brought a good opportunity for novel writers.

4-      Never out of stock

You have often faced this situation that you are in a book stall to purchase a particular book, but the book retailer is telling you “book is out of stock”. This is really very frustrating situation to which no one wants to face in his life. Incidentally such conditions are truly impossible in terms of e-books. One can create thousands of copies of an e-book and provide it to all the users of our world.

5-      Eco-friendly

Do you have any idea about how many trees are cut down to create papers of paper book? If you will go to know that number, you will find that 24 trees are needed to create a ton paper. I know amount of paper is so large, but tree is living organism like you and me. Even it is very harmful for our mother nature because trees are really very important to keep earth healthy and people are cutting them to create paper books. It never happens in terms of e-books. These are digitally created and one can easily erase them by using delete option. This is totally eco friendly element of the virtual world of computer.

6-      Low Cost

Money is not everything, but sometimes it is too important for us. You should think to save money as much possible. To purchase paper books you may need to speed quite bigger amount than purchasing a e-book. This type of books can be obtained easily on the internet at very low prices, even sometimes you can get it for free. The online retailers of e-books always offer you good discounts on purchase of e-books, so you can save your money on the e-books.

7-      No worries about light

The light shading is a very common problem in all over the world and many people can’t read in night because of loss of power. In e-books you will not face such problems. You have to just take your laptop or tablet in your hands and start reading it. it will be really the most convenient way of reading at the time of light shading. So, your study will not stop, whether there is light or not.

8-      Versatility

This is another big reason that why e-books are better than paper books. You can open it in your computer with the help of many programs like you can use PDF reader, word and other software. If you are not in mood to read the book, then no problem just use the digital reader and lay down on bed. Connect the head phone to your tablet and start listening the content of your e-book. You can’t get such facilities in the paper books.

9-      Searchability

As I said above in previous points that e-books are really time saving for us. If you are looking for a specific topic in it and you want to get it instantly, what will you do? Just click at the search option in your device and make search for your topic. You will get it in half millisecond and then you can read details. This feature is truly impossible in the paper books because you will need to invert the pages of your paper book and after so much time you will get it.

10-  Small and light

Which is the heaviest paper book of your course? Whatever it is, try to get it in form of e-book and compare its weight with the paper book. You will surely find the big difference in it. There is no weight of e-books because they are virtual things and their weight depends on the weight of your device. While paper books are quite heavy weighted and you can’t carry each paper book of your course in your bag. By the way you can carry thousands of large e-books into your laptop and tablet without being worried about their weight.

I know now you also agree that e-books are better than paper books. So get it, why are you waiting for?

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