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places to visit Bangalore

Top 10 places to visit Bangalore

Top 10 places to visit Bangalore

Bangalore is the Capital city of Indian state Karnataka, at present is Asia’s quickest developing cosmopolitan city with gigantic interest from mechanical titans around the world. With fast improvement ‘The Garden city of India’ now of additionally being ‘The Silicon Valley of India.’ Spread over a region of 2190 sq.km. Bangalore, the fifth significant city of India, is home to 6.52 million individuals. The city is lined with green scenes and is free from extremes of atmosphere because of its advantageous area in the heart of Peninsular India. Established in 1537, Bangalore now is a kaleidoscope of striking colors. The city encapsulates India’s journey from an eminent country to the center point of Information Technology. As of late renamed as Bangalore, it is likewise the center of a portion of the major logical stations in India. The city bears characteristic of an awe-inspiring past, and this blends with present day comforts and joys. A delightful terminus, the city of Bangalore is flawlessly enriched with parks, arrangements, lakes and wellsprings. Easily get through a percentage of the best consuming joints, the swankiest shopping centers or the hip-n-happening pubs. Charming atmosphere, design historical points and the lovely city- Bangalore has something for everybody.

Here is a list of top 10 places to visit in Bangalore

  1. Ulsoor Lake                                     
    places to visit Bangalore
    Ulsoor lake bangalore

Ulsoor Lake, also known as Halasuru, is situated in the middle of Bangalore, near M. G. Street. It is to be said that God Somesvara came to Kempe Gowda in his fantasy and favored him with concealed fortune. He then constructed a pagoda utilizing Dravidian design style, committed to God Somesvara. The lake was shaped for reaping rainwater and had a surface region of 125 sections of land. City seepage likewise helped as a wellspring of water. The lake is an intriguing area for visitors, as it has sculling and journey office to visit excellent islands that contain different sorts of blossoms, fledglings and bugs.1st places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Lal Bagh                                                              
    places to visit Bangalore
    Lal bagh bangalore

Lal Bagh is one of the popular visiting places in Bangalore. One can discover uncommon trees brought from different piece of the world by British individuals planted in the arrangement. Glasshouse is worth seeing amid blossom show. It is initially approved by Hyder Ali, the leader of Mysore.2nd places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Radha Krishna Temple                 
    places to visit Bangalore
    Radha krishna temple

It is one of the biggest Iskcon sanctuaries in the world. It has of Krishna and Radha. It is a value seeing spot. The sanctuary pulls in guests from diverse parts of the world.3rd places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Government museum              
    places to visit Bangalore
    Government museum bangalore

The Government Museum of Bangalore, an archeological gallery spotted on the Kasturba Gandhi Road, is viewed as one of the most seasoned galleries in India. The building, initially outlined by Colonel Sankey in 1876, was broadened later. The display center has two presentation floors, with eighteen exhibitions lodging areas on the model, geography, characteristic history, craftsmanship, numismatics, and so on. The accumulations in gallery are advanced by antiquated coins, adornments, model, engravings, and antiquities including relics from Mohenjodaro, Halebid and Vijayanagar. Some ancient antiques of Neolithic period found amid uncovering at Chandravalli venerate the gallery.4th places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Bull Temple                                           
    places to visit Bangalore
    Bull temple bangalore

Bull Temple in Bangalore, otherwise called “Nandi temple”or Bhoganandiswara sanctuary. The sanctuary is a sculptural gem. It is committed to Nandi, the bull, is lord’s Shivas vehicle as per Hindu mythology. The temple is arranged in Bungle slope on the south of Bull Temple Road. There is an extensive model of Bull, which is around 4.6 meters tall and 6m long. One of the recognizing attributes of the structure is that it has been cut out from a solitary rock of stone.6th places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Someshwar Temple                              
    places to visit Bangalore
    Someshwar temple

Someshwara Temple in Bangalore is devoted to Lord Shiva. It was manufactured by Kempegowda at Ulsoor. It is one of the most established and greatest sanctuaries of Bangalore, helping us to remember the rich legacy of the Chola Kingdom. The superb structural engineering of the sanctuary with wonderful Rajagopuram (tower) and Dhwajastambha (enormous column) in the passageway of the sanctuary pulls in fans from faraway places. Without further ado, the temple comes under the supervision of Endowment Department of the Karnataka Government.6th places to visit Bangalore.

  1. St. Mary Church                                 
    places to visit Bangalore
    St. Mary Church

In 1818, St. Mary’s Church was manufactured by a French teacher, Abbe Dubois as a house of prayer and called it ‘Kaanike Mathe Devaalaya’. Later it was revamped in 1882 to its available structure. Both the insides and the outsides of the congregation are to a great degree decorative. The multifaceted stained glass windows of the Church were foreign made from Paris. In the year 1973, St. Mary’s Church was conceded the status of a basilica and numerous stately benefits were allowed to it. Consistently on eighth of September, Virgin Mary’s celebration is praised with greatness and glory. A parade is tackled this eve; that pulls in a great many aficionados and a chariot moves with the statue of St. Mary.7th places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Bangalore Palace                             
    places to visit Bangalore
    Bangalore Palace

Bangalore palace is some copy of the Windsor Castle amidst India, complete with Tudor and Scottish Gothic construction modeling, rock turrets, towers and fortifications then a visit to the Bangalore Palace Is an unquestionable requirement. Spread over a drifting 430 sections of land the Bangalore Palace was gained by the King Chamarajendra Wodeyar in 1873 from its unique holder Reverend J Garret, who was then the main of the Bangalore Central High School. A visit to Bangalore without going to the Bangalore Palace is deficient.8th places to visit Bangalore.

  1. Tipu Sultan’s Palace                     
    places to visit Bangalore
    tipu sultan’s palace

Tipu Sultan’s Palace could be found in a standout amongst the most congested markets in Bangalore. This castle was at first fabricated as a late spring home for Tipu Sultan and was additionally called “The Abode of Peace”. This royal residence is etched altogether out of teakwood and is known for its decorative columns, bended curves and overhangs. Tipu Sultan’s royal residence is known for the wonderful botanical examples on the dividers and a Ganesha Temple, a confirmation of Tipu Sultan’s religious tolerance.

               10 .Cubbon Park                            

cubbon park
cubbon park


Cubbon Park is arranged amidst the Central Administrative Area of Bangalore and is otherwise called the “Lung Area” of the city. This park is kept up by the Department of Horticulture of the State of Karnataka and has numerous vacation spots.10th places to visit Bangalore.

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