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Illuminati Conspiracy Theories
Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

The word Illuminati Conspiracy Theories is a one of theory that a claim over the super-secret society has impale government, finance, science and business and entertainment. That has only one goal like world domination. The secreted Illuminati were started in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. This theory suggested like that the organization started the Frenched revolution to its goals of a society ruled by the reason. This is the one of the small group of think-tank in Central Europe.

Illuminati Conspiracy Theories take the strong things which challenge in very existence of society. The purpose and target of the Illuminati Conspiracy Theories is as they target over the elite strata of the society and there is the main goal of them like they rule the world population with a single government, currency, power. These theories not keep by only single one because this is not like substantiated based. An Illuminati Conspiracy Theories was called by a hoax that made up by the Nazis. This is for a great one for deciding your path, as well as the way. This is only one which is surround the existence of ‘secret societies’ and the by Freemasons also know this.

Here some most vital Illuminati Conspiracy Theories such as:

  1. Oklahoma City Bombing

They have very different stories are said. These have the one of very popular Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. This is small similar by the 9/11 incident. This is similar according to the American staff, government and even the President of united state. Conspiracy is just like a shock for everyone. Conspiracy theories always raise the question related to the inconsistency about observed and blasts in the city. This bombing was very harmful to their population, and the whole city was affected by that.

  1. Iran-Contra scandal

This is related conspiracy of United States, and this is very famous till now. In this many senior officers was involved for felicitation of arms. That was done during 20th August 1985 to 4th March 1987. There is some name of participants as Ronald Reagan, Robert McFarlane, Caspar Weinberger, Hezbollah, Contras, Oliver North, Manucher Ghorbanifar, John Poindexter, and Manuel Antonio Noriega. This is the one of very Illuminati Conspiracy Theories in the world.

  1. False Flag Operations

This is a major one and executed by the governments, co-operations and other organization are misunderstood of having carried out by other enemies. This is the one of covert operation by government. That was an origin from the traditions of “honorable” naval warfare”. This named was derived from ship like “false” black color. The final step avoided by them because that is difficult to identify like what is real and false flag operation. This is the one of very Illuminati Conspiracy Theories in the world.

  1. The Birthers

This theory gives by the Barack Obama during the election campaign and there are many conspiracies about the birth of him. He is not natural-born in United States. There are many conspiracies about him related to him birth. That was promoted by the name of fringe theorists. They have suffered the situation where people show the rule of court as under Article 2 of the U S Constitution is ineligible to be President of the United States. That was very bitter time for Barak Obama. This is the very much popular Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world.

  1. CIA secret prisoners

This is the related conspiracy for black site detainees. The President of United States, George W. Bush admitted taking that knowledge of the CIA secret prisoners. That is the incident of when the legal status about of black detainees was not clearly defined and not determine. This is the one of major Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world.

  1. Watergate

This scandal was done during the time of the resignation of the President Richard Nixon after the arrest of five men breaking into the Democratic National Committee. This was the one of political scandal that occurred in United States in 1970. That was going to done after the result of a break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. This is the one of largest Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world. This is also known by the name of Political Scandal.

  1. Faked Moon landings

This is the one of faked believing conspiracy. This was the element of “Apollo program” and the associated Moon landings were hoaxes staged by NASA with the aid of other organizations. This is the one of very famous Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world. NASA is a very space research center, and these have its own image in the whole world. This is not original moon leading, and this is fake but not done by NASA.

  1. New World Order

This is the refers by the emergence of a totalitarian world government. Those have Great Seal of the United States in 1776. That follow secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to rule eventually. This is the one of very famous Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world. This significant is like politics and fiancé. This is the one of very famous and scandal conspiracy. This was the famous one of the conspiracy and government was included in this.

  1. John F Kennedy Assassination

That was done on 22 November 1963 and weapon was used 6.5 × 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle. That follow the one of the major principles of Illuminati has been a goal to undermine America. This is the biggest Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world. This is a very famous conspiracy behind the murder. Here the assassination of the late President John F Kennedy on 1963.

        10.9/11 Truthers

That was very surrounding attacks varying greatly. That was altercation them result of official investigations of the September 11 attacks of 2001. They collect the more evidence from the attacks. The amazing thing is like Supporters of the 9/11 Truth movement at an anti-war demonstration in Los Angeles, October 2007. This is a very popular one Illuminati Conspiracy Theories of the world.


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