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feng shui tips & rules
feng shui tips & rules

Top 10 feng shui tips & rules

Top 10 feng shui tips & rules

Feng shui is an ancient technique of having existence of positive energy in your home and work place. This leads people for having prosperity inside your space and it also avoids existence of all negative energy in your space. There are many people today taking help of Feng shui experts to customize their house and work place, so that they can experience a pleasant atmosphere in their home and better revenue in their offices. A few years ago this technique was limited till several eastern countries of the world, but today it is the most desired technique in all over the world for happiness and growth. If you are not finding a good feng shui expert in your area, so follow given top 10 feng shui tips & rules to customize your space according to this wonderful technique.

1-      Eliminate clutter:

For sure there must not be clutter in your living space and also in your working space. If you will keep everything clean and systematic in your home and office, then it will lead you for spreading good feng shui in your area. There will be influence of good energy and you will surely feel better than before. You can generally think when everything spread wrongly in your space, it seems quite irritating and your mind’s tension increases to the next level. Get better piece of mind by eliminating clutter.

2-      Remove all unusable things out:

Every person has many things to which he or she use once in a year or once in many years. I don’t understand why we keep such things. To have good feng shui in our home and offices we should remove all those things out of our space. Because there is no use of having such things, keep them away from the living place and work place. If you have any kind of decayed appliances in form of scrap in your home, so either make them fine or sell out to the scrap dealer. It leads to the influence of bad energy in your space. Keep every thing fine and in working conditions.

3-      Lighting:

Prepare every room in your home and work place in a way that it will get maximum amount of sun light. Believe me there is nothing much stronger than sunlight to eliminate negative energy. It simply flows good feng shui in your home and work place and simply provides you better piece of mind. Along with keeping things clean, you should work for having perfect sunlight in your space. Today you can easily see many homes and offices in this world, which are designed according to the Feng shui principles. People are experiencing better piece of mind on such places.

4-      Sharp angels:

We have many things in our homes and offices, which has sharp angels. According to feng shui you should eliminate sharp angles of all things. This leads for spreading negative energy in your space. Even sharp angels are dangerous for us; you can be injured if you will come in their touch. This is written in clean words in feng shui tips that there must not be any kind of sharp angels in home or in office.

5-      Drain:

Drains are really very important part of our home and office from where negative energy spreading elements are escaped out. Always check time by time that drain system of your house and office are working correctly. If there is any kind of problem in working of drain, then simply take help of a technician to make them fine because all negative elements will remain in your space and it will not be good for influence of good feng shui in your area.

6-      Colors:

We often think to use more than one color in decoding our home. It seems really impressive and hour space gets an appealing touch, if we have used perfect match of colors in it. By the way according to feng shui, you should avoid to use more than three colors for decorating your space. If someone uses more than three colors in his home, it becomes reason of having negative energy in the home.

7-      Desk direction:

If you love to do work at home and you have your personal work desk there, and then try to fix it in front the entry door. This is really good for having better relaxation during work time. Suppose if you have your desk in opposite direction of the door, you will be disturbed from outer activities and it will be reason of facing stress. For sure you won’t like to face such problems during your work. Even if offices also you should place you’re working desk in front of the entry door.

8-      Electrical appliances should be out of the bedroom:

In feng shui principles it is written clearly that there must not be any kind of electrical appliance in the bed room. You can easily see bedrooms of your colleagues in which they have placed a TV set or computer. It destroys your concentration and bedroom is the place of having rest and loving moments with your partner. You should avoid to keep disturbing electrical items in the master bedrooms.

9-      Bathrooms:

If you have the contiguous bathrooms in your bedrooms, so keep their gates closed in the night. It will help you in unraveling the positive energy of your bedroom and negative energy of bathroom distinct from each other. This is important to do otherwise you can face problems in form of unstable frame of mind.

10-  Be happy and positive:

If you will maintain your nature in pleasant way, then you will make your surrounding feel better. Every one of us should have positive thinking so that we can complete our tasks in a very good way. There is no other better way of spreading good feng shui in the home and work place. Positive thinking leads you for having better success in your life. It benefits you in each stage of your life.

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