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Top 10 Famous Food Dishes in India

India is that part of world, where you will get endless tasty cuisines and dishes that will touch your heart. The Indian cuisines are really so spicy and so tasty that’s why people from all over the world visit here to eat delicious food. There are thousands of restaurants available in each part of India, which offer their special dishes. For example, if you will visit in southern states of India, here you will find cuisines like Idley, Dosa, Sambharetc. In the same way, northern, western and eastern part of India offers their special dishes. Today we are going to explore those top 10 famous food dishes in India, which are the most liked dishes of India.


10- Pav Bhaji

Famous Food Dishes in India When you think about Mumbai, It is not possible that you won’t think about Pav Bhaji. It is the most popular dish of Maharashtra state of India. This dish is prepared by blending some boiled vegetables along with spicy powders of red chili, and coriander and then it is cooked to fill among two pavs. It tastes so delicious, and if you have taken one, obviously you will ask for one more. This is the quality of Pav Bhaji that’s why it is very famous in whole Maharashtra and also in other parts of India.

9- Pork Vindaloo

Famous Food Dishes in India This is a local dish of Goa, now you have recognized right. Goa is the best part of India to celebrate the parties and overnight events. This state also offers a very delicious dish of India, known as Pork Vindaloo. This can be easily available at any beach of Goa and you will not need to pay any kind of extra money for it. This dish comes at very reasonable prices, and many big restaurants of Goa also provide it in their menu. This dish is cooked by including chili, potatoes, wine and then sheaf prepares it to serve you.

8- Mutton Rogan Josh

If you love to have non vegetarian food in your dinner or lunch, then you must order this dish. This is a remarkable cuisine offered by paradise of this country. This cuisine has come from Kashmir and improved the name of India as the country of tasty food. Basically it is a Persian dish, which is adopted by Indian chef and now they serve it in every big restaurant. for sure it is spicy and delicious with whole flavor growing Indian ingredients.

7- Kheer

This is India’s local sweet tasting dish, which is in fact appetizing and health worthy too. You can get Kheer in each part of India because it is the main cuisine of every festival of India. This is made by using milk, rice, sugar, and other dry fruits. To prepare it you have to first boil the milk and then you have to insert whole other ingredients in it. once you will taste the kheer, you will think to have one more bowl of kheer because it offers you sweet plus creamy task of milk with rice.

6- Samosa and pakoda

Whenever you will go out in India to have breakfast in the morning, you will find triangular shaped fried breakfast items in each local restaurant. this is called Samosa and it is the most liked cuisine for breakfast in India. Every Indian love to eat Samosa. Second thing, which is very famous for breakfast in India, is called pakoda. This is another dish you can easily find in local restaurants of India. The best thing to eat with samosa and pakoda is green chutney, which increases flavor of this breakfast dishes and offers you great taste.

5- Dal Makhni-

This dish is served in many different flavors in India. People prepare Dal Makhani according to their local pulse. For example, nearby areas of Delhi, Dal Makhani is prepared by using Udad dal and in other parts of India, it is prepared by using other ingredients, but pulse is must in all of them along with butter.

4- Hyderabadi Biryani

This dish was firstly prepared in India at time of Mugal emperor Aurangzeb. Basically this dish is not totally Indian; it is a mugal plus talegu cusine, which is framed by mixing taste of two different nations. At present time every Indian, who prefer non vegetarian food, love to eat Hyderabad biryani. It comes at very reasonable rice along with the most delicious taste.

3- Chhole Bhathure

Now what to say about this dish of India, it is simply amazing and my favorite. This is the food of Punjab and this state of India offers you endless cuisines with endlessness of taste. Off-course there is the best chef of the world, which serve you many different kinds of food in restaurants. Whenever you go in any restaurant of India, you can make order for the chhole bhature and they will provide you in the same taste of Punjab.

2- Idley Dosa and Vada Sambhar

This is not possible that you will talk about Indian cuisines and there will not be name of any south Indian dish. Idley Dosa is a very common dish of southern India and it is famous in all over the country for its taste. This is prepared in a way that you can enjoy it easily in a bowl with some coconut chutney and other things. Vada sambhar is also served in the same way, but vada tastes much better if you will eat it wet with sambhar.

1 Butter Chicken

It is not possible that you will visit in India, and someone will not offer you to have butter chicken in the dinner or lunch. this is the most loved non vegetarian dish of India and every Indian chef is expert in cooking it. The ingredients are used in preparing butter chicken are various spices of India, chicken, butter and a great chef, who knows how to cook butter chicken. This is really very delicious and there dish that can offer you better taste of chicken than butter chicken.

So, these all cuisines of India are worldwide famous for their taste and special way of cooking, which one do you like to have in your plate?

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