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ear piercings

Top 10 ear piercings in the world

Get knowledge about top 10 ear piercings

These days many girls and woman and taking interest in different accessories, and they also like to use. They are mainly interested about earrings and also want to get it. Here we are providing you useful information about top 10 ear piercings, and you can find the advantage from these ear piercings. This is also more responsible to make you more attractive and you can also find huge designs and fashionable piercings through top 10 ear piercings. You can get effective information about reliable and attractive earrings and get benefit to using it. That is perfect and attractive accessories for every woman and girl.

1. Tragus piercing

Tragus piercing

Tragus piercing is effective and perfect kind of accessories and perfect for girls and they can use it. Girls can use this ear piercing on over the ear lobe, and it looks more precise on your ear. Every girl likes to use attractive accessories because that is important thing for attraction. This makes you more beautiful and attractive. Tragus ear piercings are very little in size and perfect for every girl. These piercings are very popular in girls and mostly girls prefer it. Today having kind jewelry options for girls and they are also using these accessories and this ear accessory are also perfect for them.

2. Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing is almost a good kind of accessories and perfect for the user. Nowadays that is very popular and mostly using ear piercings because it looks attractive and perfect to use. This piercing you can use upside of cartilaginous on ear. That looks very nice, and today young generation is mostly using it. These ear piercings are available in various attractive designs and shapes and just right for attraction. There is no chance of any infection and pain problem to use this ear accessory. Teenagers also use it and become more attractive to use this effective ear piercing.


3. Rook

RookRook piercing is painful for user, and that can use under the presence of professional as occurs more pain for the user. These piercing are not for every people because it has such requirement. To use this piercing, you need to have reliable structure and look of ear. This is important to use these ear piercings. This is almost looking attractive and interesting and perfect for user. This is pain full piercing for user and you need to have thick and small cartilage to use this ear accessory.

4. Snug piercing


Snug piercing

Snug piercing is also perfect accessory item for girls and they can also use it and take advantage from it. This piercing refers are of the ear along the cartilage, and it takes space inner and outer side of the cartilage. This also looks very attractive and fashionable and today mostly in demand. That is not creating panic for user and perfect to use. You can use these ear piercings easily without any difficulty. This is available in various shapes for people and they can get as according to modern generation. Snug piercing has huge quality for user because that is also reliable accessory for attraction.

5. Lobe piercing    

Lobe piercing

Lobe piercing is really perfect for user because mostly girls using this place mostly for piercing. That is the largest city of ear and smooth. Lobe is perfect to use huge kind of piercing because you can use the different kind of piercing on lobe area. Here you can use large and small size ear piercings easily. Today huge teenagers are using lobe piercing and taking benefit from these accessory’s item. In those early days you can find lot of designer and attractive options for lobe piercing. These all options are accurate and reliable for girls and woman.

6. Scaffold piercing

Scaffold piercing

Industrial and construction piercing is also good king of ear accessories. Scaffold piercing is also designer and attractive piercing for user. That is also known as bar, and it needs two punches to connect jewelry item over the cartilage. Many girls like to use these accessories because it is trendy and fashionable kind of ear piercings. In these accessories punches are made by helix and this is perfect. It does not create for pain for the user and fashionable kind of accessories. It looks very cook and different from other ordinary ear piercings. Youngsters can use it become more popular and attractive.

7. Conch piercing

Conch piercing

In this generation, every use needs effective and attractive accessories to be use. Here conch piercing is perfect and reliable option for teens because it looks beautiful and attractive and perfect for a young generation. Nowadays girls are attracted about ear piercings. Conch piercing is available in attractive shape and size and you can use it inner side on cartilage. That looks very beautiful on your ear and looking attractive. These ear piercings is available in two types like inner conch and outer conch. You can use it as you like. Both the types are perfect for user this is perfect option for fashionable accessory.

8. Daith piercing

Daith piercing

Today huge kind of accessories are available for girls and they are mainly attracted about ear piercings because that is most attractive accessories for them. Here you can find an option of death piercing, and that is also good kind piercing and you can use it as fashionable brand. You can use it on inner cartilage. It looks attractive and different from other piercing items. That is trendy and fashionable approach of accessories. The name of this piercing is from Hebrew language. This kind of accessories is done through thin wired.

9. Helix piercing

Helix piercing

In those early days young generation is mostly attracted about effective and fashionable jewelry because they want to become attractive. Today ear piercings are perfect for attraction and also best option of accessory. Here helix piercing is one of the effective and reliable options for user and you can also use it as fashionable accessory. You can use this ear piercings on upper are of ear on soft cartilage. Today many users are using this piercing that’s why because it looks very attractive and beautiful. This piercing take long time for healing, it takes 8 to 10 months for healing.

10.Anti tragus piercing

Anti tragus piercing

Anti tragus is also beautiful and attractive choice for ear accessories and user can also use as fashionable jewelry. Today teenagers and young girls mostly visiting in huge kind of events and parties, they can use anti tragus ear piercings in these events. This perfect option for ear accessories and you are looking beautiful to use this ear piercings. Anti tragus piercing is opposite from tragus piercing and it looks stylish and attractive than other piercing. You can use it on outer and inner side on cartilage of ear. This is perfect kind of accessories and reliable for youngsters. It is also painful for people like tragus piercing and need some time about 6 to 8 months for healing.

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