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Driest Place on Earth
Driest Place on Earth

Top 10 Driest Place on Earth

Top 10 Driest Place on The Earth

In this earth, multiple atmospheres are present. Earth was having the poles like north and south, East and west and in that all poles atmosphere is changed. On the earth having different continents and that all are the vital part of the earth. In this planet many Driest Place on Earth are available, and there are many problematic of its dryness. In 70% part of the earth have water but only 30 % is used. Many countries are suffering from the rainfall excessive. This is a big challenge for a particular country which is in this condition.

Many of the top places are there which is dry. One of the most prominent places on the earth is Atacama Desert, which is in the South America. This is covering almost 1000 kilometer area of land on the pacific coast. This is in the side of Andes Mountain. For the world dry climate is not good because in that case earth’s nature not supporting the greenery. Forest is the very important part of the world and most of the visiting places are covered green atmosphere. Dry places always have a hot stretches but some places are there which are being dry is taken to an entirely in a new level.

Top 10 Driest Place on Then Earth:

  1. Dry Valleys, Antarctica

This is the one of the most prominent Driest Place on Earth. This is looking good, but this is very dry part of the earth. There was no rainfall all round the world. This is just quite similar of the red planet mars. There are many glaciers and ice but not touch of rainfall.

  1. Atacama Desert, Chile

This place is situated in Chile and located in South America. This is also very important Driest Place on Earth. That was significant rainfall from 16th and 17th century. There are some weather stations which are never having a rainfall. This is the very popular place of the earth. In here clouds always waiting for the rain but that’s bad luck with no rains.

  1. Aswan, Egypt

This is the very hot one city of Egypt. Here the climate always dry and hot but this is very beautiful region in Egypt. Many visitors come here for spending the memorable times. The average rainfall in there is 0.861mm, and 1-2mm rainfall was counted in 5 years. This is very popular Driest Place on Earth. This is very popular visitor place because of Nile nearby. This is inhibited place in the world and the earlier rain was in 2001. This is a very great place in the earth which is dry.

  1. Luxor, Egypt

This is situated in the Upper Egypt, and this is the ancient city of the earth. In this city, the average rainfall is 0.0 to 6.0 mm this estimate in a month. And total average rainfall is 0.862mm in the year. This is also the very Driest Place on Earth and that the city has different temperature in a day and a night. That is vast open air museum, and this is the cause of visitor’s allure points.

  1. Ica, Peru

This is in the South of Lima and city situated on the Ice River about 300km. This is also the prominent Driest Place on Earth and very dry part of the planet. Average participation of the rain is 2.29mm per year. In this city throughout a rainfall in the one year is about one inch. This is very popular tourism industry. This is very prominent place for visitor, but this is too hot and dry place.

  1. Wadi Halfa, Sudan

This is located on the shores of Lake Nasser. This is the very important part of the desert in the eastern edge. Population in this city is around 15,000, but this is too hot in day and cold in the night. This has very low rainfall below 2.50mm. That has an influence on the climate conditions in the city. This is also the visitor place in the earth and climate sometimes cold like night. This is the nature of any desert like cold in the night and hot in a day. This is also included in the Driest Place on Earth.

  1. Iquique, Chile

This is prominent for its humidity. This is also the one of popular Driest Place on Earth and population is large in here. The yearly rainfall in this city is 5.08mm. In here rain is observed in January and February. This two-month is prominent for the rainfall here. Visitors are interested to visit this place, but its dry atmosphere is not likable by them. This atmosphere sometimes irritated to the peoples.

  1. Pelican Point, Namibia

This is located in the Namibia and prominent for surfing spot. This is also in the list of Driest Place on Earth. This is situated in African country. The annual rainfall of here is about 8.13mm. This rainfall is too less that’s because this is the one of Driest Place on Earth. This is the one of very and most popular place of dryness and peoples less like to visit this place.

  1. Aoulef, Algeria

This country especially prominent for its dryness and the most popular Driest Place on Earth from this country is Aoulef in Algeria. The average rainfall is this city is 12.19 mm, and this is very dry place in this planet. Every tourism revenue is already drawn about this in them list. This is very popular place in dry earth. This is very small city but popular cause of dryness’s.

  1. Callao, Peru

This is very vital port of Peru and prominent Driest Place on Earth. The annual rainfall in this is 12.192mm. One of the most important things is various islands such as San Lorenzo, El Fronton, the Cadenzas and the Palominos. These have virtually ecosystem. This is very dry place in the world and situated in the list of Driest Place on Earth. This is also adventure spot because its dryness. This is the port of dry city.

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